Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Meet The New Dudes, Say "Bye" To Bracey

Go to the Timberwolves site to check out the press conference held yesterday to introduce Davis, Banks, Blount, and Reed.

Bracey Wright was sent back to the NBA D-League team the Florida Flame today because we now have a million point guards.

Wolves Updates

From The Detroit News: The folks in Boston believe the trade made last week for Wally Szczerbiak cements the notion Paul Pierce will remain a Celtic for life. Wouldn't bet on that. What it looks like, and to many others, is Danny Ainge is clearing the decks to facilitate a blockbuster over the summer. The Celtics dumped four years and $28 million with Mark Blount and two years and $13 million with Ricky Davis . Michael Olowokandi 's $6 million comes off the books in July. It looks as if the Celtics are positioning themselves to now trade Pierce for a foundation piece -- like say Kevin Garnett .

Pioneer Press interviews Ricky Davis who says it's a dream come true to play with KG.

Dwane Casey says there's lots of interest around the league for Marcus Banks. Casey likes him and thinks that Banks is "the key to the trade." KG says "he's going to bring a new dimension to the point guard spot."

Szczerbiak chose #55 for his new uniform in part as a tribute to Marko Jaric (#55) and because when added together the numbers equal 10, his number with the Twolves.

Besides the Timberwolves, a handful of NBA teams, including the Lakers, are interested in former Mr. Basketball Minnesota Nick Horvath of Mounds View. The 6-10 Horvath, who has been injured after playing for the West Sydney Razorbacks in Australia, impressed Wolves coach Dwane Casey with his sleekness and strength during last year's summer league.

Sporting News did a piece on why McHale should be fired.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Wolves Beat Celtics in Szczerbiak Return To Minneapolis

The crowd was lackluster and relatively small. Fans cheered Wally and everyone booed Kandi . It could have been just a regular game but this time those dudes were on the other team and the Twolves didn't blow their significant lead.

KG and Wally hugged before and after the game. Szczerbiak says he received a "really endearing message" from Garnett after learning he'd been traded.

Wally looked awesome in green. Two of my heterosexual male friends separately commented on the fact that the new uniform made him seem "more cut" and nicely accented his physique. The color even seemed to suit Kandi more than the old but maybe that's just because our uniforms are so bland.

The Kandi jeering was brutal! I felt so bad for the dude that I had to start clapping. KG sort of gave him a half hug and the Celtics bench gave him a standing ovation after he scored his only two points of the game in attemps to atone for the boos.

Superfan/Coach/Dude Who Sits Courtside And Bangs His Program On The Floor For The Entire Game commented to the ticket taker that he wasn't coming into the game because he, too, had been traded.

Mark Blount and Marcus Banks were on fire. Justin Reed also had some awesome moments but Ricky Davis wasn't as hot as he was against the Rockets.

Check out this article for more info on the game.

If I were Wally's wife I'd be so pissed. He shows up for the birth of his second child and has to fly halfway across the country the next day. At least little Amberley was born as "healthy as can be."

Hoops Hype Interview With Kandi

Check out this interview with Michael Olowokandi on HoopsHype.com.

You were once the No. 1 overall pick in the draft and thus a lot of lofty expectations were placed upon you. But in seven seasons, you have averaged double figures in scoring twice. How would you summarize your career?
MO: I think I had to contend with a number of things. Perhaps if my stay with the Clippers had been longer, it would have been smoother. And, then when I went to Minnesota, hindsight, as they say, is 20-20. If I could have done it differently and gone somewhere else, perhaps things would have worked out differently. But it isn’t about how you start something; it’s about how you end things. So that’s what I’m looking forward to. I see this as year one. I think this is a massive restructure for the teams and it’s a massive restructure for myself also.

That's so wrong. The correct answer is: I was a wildly inconsistent player who was a huge waste of time and money. I apologize to the Twolves and their fans for completely letting you down and not leaving your fine city much, much sooner.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Ricky Davis And the Get Buckets Brigade

From Matt B/Get Buckets Brigade:
The Brigade came out of the mind of Ricky D.

Over the summer he approached the Celtics about purchasing tickets for 10 fans. They had an essay contest for fans to win a chance to audition in front of Ricky and some of his family and friends. They chose 180 to invite to their practice facility and audition based on the essays.

About 30 showed up (mostly due to it's timing, it was midday during the work week). The 30 who did show up were obvious die hard fans, most decked out in some kind of outfit. My brother and I wore buckets and sang a song (with our own PA and harmonica).

When it came down to making cuts Ricky wound up selecting 15, there were too many people he liked. Instead of cutting fans he enjoyed he bought tickets for 15, at a pretty hefty price.

If you check my blog (
getbucketsbrigade.com) there are some early posts on the first few games. We had a kid who dressed like the Hulk (face paint and all) a caped crusader and the bucket heads. We are/were an institution in the stadium.

Ricky was electric and we fed of his energy. During games he would clap to our chants and point up at us. He was always aware and we did our best to give back.

There is plenty more to say, it was a great experience. I hope Minni really understands that they got one of the more special players in the NBA. Ricky has done a TON for this team and this community.

Just an absolutely great guy.

Read more of the blog to get an idea.

The earlier posts chronicle our experiences on a day to day basis. Good luck!


Davis is going to be absolutely underwhelmed by the crowds at the Target Center. The only person who elicits thunderous cheers during games is that dude who wanders around with the basket on his head, giving hot tamales t-shirts to anyone who can get the ball through his hoop.

Wolves Info

Seattle and Cleveland are both reportedly interested in Marcus Banks.

Ricky Davis defends himself from accusations of being selfish and a troublemaker.

Szczerbiak has only 6% body fat.

KG and T-Hud are 2 of 68 NBA players who are with the same team they were on in the beginning of the 2002-2003 season.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has unpleasant memories of working with Kandi.
"He resented having to learn something," Abdul-Jabbar said. "We had one episode in practice when he told me he didn't want me to correct him in front of the other players.
"When he told me that, I knew I didn't have a job. He was physically gifted - he was three-quarters of the way there. The most crucial aspect is learning the game. He wasn't into it."

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Wolves Fall To Spurs

The Timberwolves lost to the Spurs in San Antonio tonight. The final score was 102-88.

Rider Shows Up To Court Sans Lawyers

From ESPN.com:
Troubled former NBA player Isaiah Rider appeared in court Friday to face kidnapping charges but did not enter a plea because he did not have a lawyer.

Rider, 34, was arrested Thursday on charges of kidnapping and battery, said Sgt. Bruce Baker of the Marin County Sheriff's office. Rider, who also faces an outstanding warrant for resisting arrest in Alameda County, was released Friday from Marin County Jail on $2 million bail.

Rider allegedly got into an argument Wednesday night with the unidentified female acquaintance and drove off with her against her will, Baker said. The woman began to scream, attracting the attention of police. Authorities tracked Rider down early Thursday morning and arrested him, Baker said. The woman was not injured.

Rider told Marin County Superior Court Judge Verna Adams that he had called his lawyers but no one showed up. The public defender's office offered to consult with Rider but he said he would be represented by a private attorney.

Adams ordered Rider to return to court Monday.

Wolves Updates

Minnesota is possibly one of the teams in talks with the Seattle about acquiring forward Reggie Evans. Dwane Casey was former assistant head coach of the Sonics.

Twolves Scout Rex Chapman chewed out KG and Wally after the Sixers game last week, asked why they didn't play better together.
"Since that point," one player said Friday, requesting anonymity, "it was like everyone was walking on eggshells."

Celtics Coach Doc Rivers tells Kandi to get used to the bench:
“What he basically told me was the rotation is pretty much set as to who was going to be playing and whatnot,” said Olowokandi. “It is just a question of me trying to prove myself and I really wouldn’t want it any other way.
“I think I perform a lot better in those situations and that was basically it.”

Garnett on the trade:
"Just because we got a trade doesn't necessarily make us above water, where we're going to start to win games. Everything is in the pudding," he said.
"It's not an easy thing when you lose a teammate. It's not an easy thing when you get a new teammate, because we're still in the process of creating an identity. So maybe this will help us, I don't know. But it remains to be seen."

Fred Hoiberg's first choice, if he decides to play this season after heart surgery, is reuniting with former Wolves coach Flip Saunders in Detroit. The Pistons, though, obviously don't have a huge need for new additions at this point and Hoiberg is thought to be leaning against trying a comeback before next season.


In case you were wondering, Nikoloz Tskitishvili was not active on the Suns roster in their win over the Hawks Friday night.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Garnett On His Relationship With Szczerbiak

"We're two totally different people from two totally different parts of the earth," Garnett said Friday before Minnesota's game at Houston against the Rockets. "I think people are wanting it to be more than what it really was. It wasn't like we hated each other. We spoke every day, said what's up, had conversations, cracked jokes, just like any other teammate in here. Basketball-wise, came in, did what we had to do to get a win. Sometimes we didn't get it. We're both competitive."

"I've never had (a) beef with World," Garnett said. "Personally, we were teammates. We understood that. I understood that. As the primary (option) on this team, I felt it was my responsibility to have the ball come through me, and I consolidated and distributed to everybody. I don't know if World was bothered by that."

Wolves Defeat Rockets In Houston 96-92

The Wolves were in Houston tonight facing the Rockets who were without Yao Ming and Juwan Howard. Along with KG, Ricky Davis scored a game high 26 points in his first game as a Timberwolf.

Davis, who had started all 42 games with Boston before the trade, was averaging 19.7 points and 5.3 assists. He flew to Houston, passed a physical and spent an hour reviewing Minnesota's playbook before the game.

Mark Blount also made his debut in a Minnesota uniform tonight with 4 points and 4 rebounds. Marcus Banks was not in attendance due to a family funeral and Justin Reed didn't leave the bench. McCants scored a career high 18 points.

The Wolves are currently in third place in the northwest conference behind Denver and Utah with 20W and 21L.

Celtics Announcer: I love Wally!

#55 Wally Szczerbiak helped Boston with a win over Sacramento. Szczerbiak has said earlier in the day that he didn't anticipate playing tonight but he ended up logging in over 24 minutes during which time he scored 10 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists, and 1 steal. Kandi sat on the bench for the duration. Tonight also marked Ron Artest's first game as a King.

Check out this thread at CelticsBlog.com. So far, the fans seem to really dig Wally.

Also, best wishes to the Szczerbiak family as Mrs. Sczcerbiak is scheduled to give birth to the couple's second child on Monday, the same day the Celtics face the Wolves at the Target Center. For more reason than one, I hope everything goes well for them and that the baby is precisely on time.

A friend sent me a link to a site from a dude called Miracle Johan who has recorded songs about Davis, Blount, Banks, Reed, and other Celtics. Props to the dude but I hope these players aren't half as bad as the songs about them.

Happy Birthday, Mad Dog!

Best wishes to Mark Madsen who is celebrating his 30th birthday tomorrow. Poor dude. It would suck to have that significant of a birthday trumped by others' trades and kidnapping charges. Below are excerpts from his blog regarding the trade.

From Mad Dog's Blog:
Today in Shoot-around KG looked at me and said, "Man, it's a hard day today." Kevin Garnett was close to both Wally and Michael and he is one person who really values friendships and relationships. I think Kevin is going to miss everybody who got traded.

When the dust settles I think this trade will be good for everyone involved. Ricky Davis is a great player who is emotional and very tough. I think the Target Center is going to like his style of play. Blount is long, skilled and a great shooter. Marcus Banks gives us yet another option at the point and Justin Reed is a tough, smart player who will be awesome off the bench. Watch for some Ricky Davis highlight reel dunks in the Target center!

Welcome, Ricky Davis

The Timberwolves site already has the new acquisitions along with their numbers:
Marcus Banks #3
Mark Blount #30
Ricky Davis #31
Justin Reed #9

Glen Taylor hinted on KFAN that there could be some imminent changes to the roster.

You can also go to KFAN to listen to their interview with Wally about the trade. It's so weird to hear him wishing the Timberwolves well.

McHale/Garnett After Loss To The Sixers

From The New York Post:

"McHale was real mad," said the hearing aide. "He jumped on the team for not finishing strong, for not being aggressive and for playing scared. He accused the team of playing not-to-lose instead of playing to win."

The wallop of McHale's expletive-deleted tirade was reserved for Garnett, at least that's the feeling he got. So he responded correspondingly. Already frazzled and frustrated by the ghastly loss and 13-point output on 5-for-15 inaccuracy (his lowest since New Year's night in Miami) and dismal production in the fourth quadrant, the last straw was a scolding.

"I ain't [bleeping] playin' scared," Garnett stormed. "I ain't [bleeping] playin' to lose. I ain't [bleeping] puttin' my head down. I'm [bleeping] tryin' as hard as I can every night."

Bill Simmons Take On The Trade

From ESPN Page 2:
Bill Simmons: My father was delighted about last night's Celtics trade because he likes any trade where his team gets the best player AND a No. 1 pick. He has also liked Wally Szezcerbiak going back to college because he's "one of those guys who's done it in big games." When you're like 5-55 in close games, you need as many of those guys as you can get.
But here was Dad's favorite thing about the trade, hands down: "If I could have picked any four guys on the team to get rid of, I would have picked those four guys!"

Bill Simmons Prediction: Because of this trade, Kevin McHale will be fired in Minnesota within the next three months.

Taylor Says McHale Can Keep His Job

Wolves owner Glen Taylor:
"McHale can keep this job as long as he wants it," Taylor said. "He is my man. He is the guy who is running the team. I don't have any problem with the way he is running it."

In the same article, Sid Hartman referred to last night's deal as "one of the worst trades in franchise history."

Isaiah "J.R." Rider Arrested For Kidnapping

My head is going to explode with all the Twolves stuff that's happened in the past few hours but here's one more:
Rider allegedly got into an argument Wednesday night with the unidentified female acquaintance and drove off with her against her will, Baker said. The woman began to scream, attracting the attention of police. Authorities tracked Rider down early Thursday morning and arrested him, Baker said. The woman was not injured.

Wally Comments On The Trade

From The Star Tribune:
"I've got a lot of mixed emotions," Szczerbiak said by phone late Thursday. "Seven years is a long time to be with one team. I've got nothing but great things to say about Minnesota fans. The team gave me a great opportunity. But both parties apparently thought it was time to make a change."

Szczerbiak suspected his uneasy alliance with Garnett played a role in the trade. "Chemistry, there's been no secret about the me-and-Kevin Garnett thing," he said. "[McHale] must have seen something that wasn't working. It's not exactly an epiphany."

"I'm excited," he said. "It sounds like Boston is excited to have me. It's close to home. My family and friends are ecstatic."

Someone Please Tell Me We Didn't Get Screwed

From Marty Burns/Inside The NBA:

Hopefully, to make Kevin Garnett happy. Otherwise it doesn't make much sense. Davis is a talented player, maybe even as good as Szczerbiak. His ability to slash to the basket and get out on the break adds a dimension the T'wolves could use. But Davis is also something of a head case, and he's not a pure shooter like Wally World. The good news is he's not as prickly as Szczerbiak, who clashed with KG at times over the years. Perhaps president Kevin McHale wanted to toss a bone to Garnett to keep him happy so he is less likely to demand a trade after the season. But if Blount sleepwalks through games like he did much of the time in Boston the past two years, KG isn't going to see any difference between him and Olowakandi. Meanwhile, the T'wolves will be on the hook for the rest of Blount's contract (four more years, $28 million).

Why wouldn't they? While it's not exactly going to make his team a contender in the East, Celtics president Danny Ainge couldn't pass on this one. Boston gets a former All-Star in Szczerbiak, a former No. 1 overall pick in Olowokandi (with an expiring contract, to boot) and a future No. 1 draft pick. Meanwhile, it gets rid of three somewhat disgruntled players. Boston fans will miss Davis' athleticism and crowd-pleasing dunks, but they will appreciate Szczerbiak's fiery nature and outside shooting touch. Wally World does play the same style and position as Paul Pierce, but he made it work in Minnesota with Latrell Sprewell two years ago. Meanwhile, Olowokandi gives Boston a more legit 7-foot low-post presence than it had in Blount. In the last year of his contract, he should be motivated by a fresh start. If not, the Celtics can let him go or use him in a sign-and-trade.

Someone Please Tell Me Why We Gave Up Another First Round Draft Pick

Thanks for the memories.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Wolves Trade Szczerbiak To The Celtics In 7 Player Deal

To Minnesota: Ricky Davis, Mark Blount, Marcus Banks, Justin Reed, two conditional second-round draft picks

To Boston: Szczerbiak, Kandi, Dwayne Jones, a future first round draft pick

"Through this trade, we've become a much more athletic team," Timberwolves vice president of basketball operations Kevin McHale said in a statement. "With Ricky Davis, we've added one of the more talented shooting guards in the NBA — both on the offensive and defensive ends of the court. Plus, with Davis and Trenton Hassell together on the court, we'll have a great defensive presence at the 2-3 positions."

"It was a tough decision to trade Wally," McHale said in the statement. "He has been the ultimate professional and a very good player for us through the years. I wish him nothing but the best of luck with the rest of his NBA career."

The Celtics said they were glad to get Szczerbiak.
"We are ecstatic to acquire a player of Wally Szczerbiak's quality to complement Paul Pierce and our young talent base," said Danny Ainge, the Celtics' executive director of basketball operations. "In Wally we are receiving an All-Star player who is playoff tested and who has been a winner at all levels."

From ESPN:
Though frequently mentioned in trade talks over the past several seasons, Szczerbiak sounded surprised by the deal when reached on his cell phone late Thursday night.
"You never know in this business," he said.

Szczerbiak and Garnett didn't always get along, especially on the court, but the 1999 first-round draft pick expressed no ill will toward Minnesota's franchise player. McHale danced around a question about whether the duo's occasional dissonance drove this deal.

As for Szczerbiak?

"Who knows?" he said. "K.G. and I have been teammates for seven years. I've learned a lot from him. ... Now we're moving on and breaking apart."

The 7-foot Olowokandi, a former first overall draft pick, was a huge disappointment for the Wolves, who signed him as a free agent in the summer of 2003. Jones was a developmental league player.

The Wolves first game home after a three game road trip is against the Celtics. Holy shit!

Skita's Gone!

The Wolves traded Nikoloz Tskitishvili to the Phoenix Suns for a second round pick in the 2006 draft. This will be a reunion between Suns coach Mike D'Antoni and Skita as Nikoloz played for him in Italy.
"If there is an ideal coach and ideal system for Skita to do well, it's here in Phoenix with Mike D'Antoni," Suns president and general manager Bryan Colangelo said.

Even though he only played for a total of 13 minutes and scored just 3 points this season, I'm going to miss Skita. His performance in that one summer league game was awesome. I can only hope that he'll start a blog and get a book and tv deal out of it so that we'll see more of him.

"Minnesota was fucking terrible last night"

Courtesy of the Mighty MJD:
I was watching Minnesota and Memphis last night on ESPN, and they had referee Joey Crawford mic'd. He was talking to Mike Miller, explaining some call, and he said, "Well, they weren't in man-to-man, they were playing a zone." And Miller responds, "You got everything right but one thing, Joey. They weren't playing man or zone, they don't play any defense." Nice little shot, Mike Miller. And he was right, Minnesota was fucking terrible last night.

More On The Timberwolves

Christian Laettner, the currently unsigned former Twolf and super unpopular dude among bball fans in Kentucky, is being sued by a bank in Lexington for failure to make good on a $375,000 loan.

Casey reiterated his unhappiness at having Rashad McCants and Ronald Dupree joking with Pistons players in the waning moments of Tuesday's loss. "I'd rather see someone yelling at [a teammate] for not hustling instead of smiling and holding hands and having 'Kumbaya' [with an opponent]," Casey said. "It's a little thing, but it's a culture we're trying to build here."

Joe Dumars said that Flip Saunders was his only choice to replace Larry Brown as coach of the Pistons:
"I thought he would be a perfect match for our team. I know the personality of our guys. I felt like I had a good read on Flip, and I thought that the two of those, that that combination together would be a great combination."

The Art Of The Free Throw featuring T-Hud. This includes a video and his ritual.

Timberwolves 87, Grizzlies 107

The Minnesota Timberwolves played with a lack of emotion for the second straight night. The Timberwolves were blown out 107-87 by the Memphis Grizzlies on Wednesday night, a day after losing by 24 to Detroit. The loss was the fourth in the last five games for Minnesota.

Kevin Garnett after Wednesday's loss to the Grizzlies:
"It was one of those night's where it was just contagious," Garnett said of Minnesota's slow start. "(Memphis) didn't miss a shot. That sort of deflated us a little bit, and we were playing catch up."

Kevin Garnett after Tuesday's loss to the Pistons:
"If we have any guts, any pride about us, we'll come out with a better effort," said Garnett, who had 21 points and 10 rebounds but wisely was pulled with nine meaningless minutes to go. "We really have no choice, after a performance like this. For a while, I thought we were playing in Detroit, the way the fans were booing. I thought I was on the road for a second."

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Wolves Tidbits

Tonight the Timberwolves face the Grizzlies for the first time this season. For this game, Grizzlies fans sporting beards -- real or fake -- similar to center Pau Gasol's will have a shot at a at a ticket voucher for Memphis' game against Dallas on Feb. 1.

Twolves donate $10,000 to Make-A-Wish foundation.

Garnett on Bryant's 81-point performance Sunday against Toronto: "I'd have fouled out. Not to hurt Kobe or anything, but I take a lot of pride in being a defender. What he did was unbelievable, but at the same time, as a defender, you've got to draw a line in the sand."

KG is one of the candidates for NBA.com's best dressed ballers for Jan 17-Jan 23.

Even though a trade that would have sent Ron Artest of the Indiana Pacers to the Sacramento Kings fell through Tuesday, the Timberwolves still aren't in any talks for the controversial and inactive all-star forward.

Twolves Get Crushed By Pistons

Last night's game was brutal on and off the court. The fans were so fed up that they started filing out of the Target Center just 4 or 5 minutes into the 4th quarter. Of the ones that were left almost half seemed to be supporting the Pistons who didn't need any of their help. At least we got to see Flip get a loud, warm welcome and watch KG hug him before the game.
T-Hud was sitting on the bench with the flu, Kandi was still sidelined with dental issues, and Bracey Wright got to play for a few minutes.

Star Tribune talks about last night's loss:

Oh, there were emotions in the building, all right:

•Regret, over the fact that Pistons point guard Chauncey Billups, another former Wolves employee, was on the other side, shredding his old team with an outburst of 18 points in the third quarter.

•Anger, from some fans, who booed lustily at the way things went from that point on and at the way things are going in general for their favorite team these days.

•Sympathy, too, which Saunders and Billups might have been feeling by the end for old pal Kevin Garnett, whose club slipped below .500 for the fourth time this season.

Flip On His Return To Minnesota:
He admitted he wanted his new team to show off in Target Center. "I wanted our guys to come in and play like we've been playing for 39 games," he said. "I wanted the people in Minnesota to see what we were all about."

KG On Chauncey Billups:
"Chauncey is playing at an unbelievable level in games that, [he doesn't always score] a lot, but he's getting everybody the ball where they need it," Garnett said. "He's the general, he's playing defense, he knows how to shift momentum. When they need a big shot, he's there. He's my MVP candidate."

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Casey And Wally Comment On Kobe's Big Night

I was trying to think of a way to acknowlege Kobe's 81 point game performance while tying in the Twolves (because this is a Wolves site) but couldn't do it til I found this:

Cell phones were buzzing throughout the NBA late Sunday night and early Monday morning, as Kobe Bryant unleashed his 81-point offensive on Toronto.
New Jersey's Jeff McInnis called teammate Vince Carter to make sure he was watching.
Minnesota's Wally Szczerbiak called his father.
Miami's Gary Payton called teammate Antoine Walker.

Dwane Casey on Kobe's Stunning Game:
"From a coaching standpoint, I would say I would like to have other players involved," Minnesota's Dwane Casey said. "He's a great player, you can't take that away from him. It's entertaining, it's good for the league. Whether it's good for his teammates, I don't know."

Wally Szczerbiak on Kobe:
"He's just one of those guys I have a lot of respect for. He's strong-willed and he believes in himself to the core."

Wally Likes The Super Mario Brothers Sound Effects

Bob Sansevere at the Pioneer Press posed to Wally Szczerbiak the same questions asked of the finalists of the Miss America Pageant this weekend.

BS: What is your favorite smell?

WS: I like the smell of cookies. Hot chocolate chip cookies coming out of the oven.

BS: What sound do you love?

WS: The sound I'm really endeared to is what they play at Target Center after you make free throws. It's like, "De-Do-De-Doot." It's an old Super Mario Brothers sound. You hear it when you cash in two free throws. It's a great sound effect. You probably know it. That Super Mario sound when you hit the flower or you hit the mushroom.

BS: What is your favorite TV show?

WS: Probably "24." I watched the first few episodes of this season. You've got to watch them all. It's much better to watch on DVD so you can watch as many as you want. I have the first four seasons on DVD.

BS: When the game is over, whether you win or lose, what's the first food you're going to eat?

WS: Some popcorn and a turkey burger.

BS: What are a few of your pet peeves?

WS: I like to stick to my routine on game day and I don't like to be thrown off my routine.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Welcome Back, Flip!

Almost a year after he was fired from his position as head coach of the Timberwolves, Flip Saunders returns to the Target Center on Tuesday night as the Wolves take on the Pistons. Detroit currently has the best record in the league with 33 wins and 5 losses and have won their last 7 games. The Wolves are sitting in third place in the northwest conference at .500.

Saunders talks about his new job and coming back to town:
"Because of the success we've had here, the Minnesota thing is not going to be that huge," he said. "Going back, seeing my family for a day, seeing a lot of good friends -- I had 10 good years there and the fans were great to me -- there's that sentiment. ... But a lot of times, guys go back and it's a situation where you say, 'I am going to show you.' That's already been done."

Free Darko's Euro Guide For Beginners

Free Darko finds the definition of "Euro" to be too broad so breaks it down by country for us. Skita is the example they use for the Georgian NBA players.

Population: 4,677,401

Example: Nikoloz "Skita" Tskitishvili

Style of Play: a wussier, slightly disinterested version of LithuaniaNotable Anecdote: Skita, and his then Warriors teammates Andris Beidrins (Latvia) and Zarko Cabarkapa (Serbia) once pulled up to an NYC club in a horse-drawn carriage.

Additional notes: When asked about his rumored "ballet training" on draft night, Skita shot back (in perfect, hip-hop-inflected English) that it was actually a form of Georgian national dance.

Do they have black people?: No. For the millionth time, it's not that Georgia.

Andre Iguodala Is A Lucky SOB

The Sixer's Iguodala's buzzer beating basket and the fact that that Twolves blew a significant lead yesterday afternoon cost the team another victory. It was a heartbreaker so "Purple Rain", the song that was played as the Sixers celebrated while skipping down the tunnel, seemed highly appropriate.

Sitting behind the bench for much of the game were people dressed as the characters KG plays in his new adidas commercial: the gladiator, the comedian, the kid, the matrix dude, and the military guy. It was bizarre but not as offputting as the fact that the theme song to "Everybody Loves Raymond" now seems to be a staple at the Target Center.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Hassell Inducted Into Austin Peay Hall Of Fame

Timberwolves guard Trenton Hassell will be inducted into the Austin Peay State University Athletics Hall of Fame on February 18, the school announced on Wednesday.

Vote For KG And Wally As 2006 NBA All-Stars

Deadline is Sunday, January 22 at 10:59pm CST to cast your vote for the starting lineup for the 2006 NBA All-Star Game. Garnett is currently third among Western Conference forwards, trailing behind T-Mac and Tim Duncan.
Go to NBA.com to vote.

Sunday, January 22- Wolves Host The Sixers

Kevin Garnett Celebriduck

Allen Iverson Celebriduck

Coach Casey Hints At Officials' Lack Of Respect For KG

Casey hinted that there's a lack of respect from officials for Wolves all-star forward Kevin Garnett. Casey said he has sent in tapes to the NBA vice president Stu Jackson as evidence.
"Kevin Garnett is probably the one superstar in the league that does not get to the free-throw line," Casey said. "I'm not accusing the officials. But that's just something that amazes me that he gets bumped and banged and pushed around and doesn't get calls. We've sent tapes into Stu, and we've gotten e-mails back that there was no contact. But that's nothing new for Kevin. He's mentally tough enough to play through it."
Said Garnett: "Fouls and pushing and being physical are part of the league. I push on the other end also, so I'm not going to sit there and complain about it."

Fred Hoiberg Gets Second Opinion

Hoiberg, talking with reporters before Friday's game against Indiana, said that Dr. Barry Maron, a leading authority on athletes and heart conditions, gave him the info he needed. It was neither an all-clear nor a red flag.
"He didn't say yes, he didn't say no. He threw everything out there in front of us and told us to try to make the right decision," said Hoiberg, recovering from surgery in June to fix an aneurysm in his heart's aortic root. He has a pacemaker near his left shoulder that will be with him for life.
Hoiberg said his parents will visit next week from Iowa. They will discuss his plans with him, his wife, Carol, and the couple's children. His options: Sign with another team with the intent of playing this season, attempt his comeback next fall with the Wolves or move on to the next stage of his life. (Because the Wolves bought out his $1.7 million contract to reduce their luxury-tax liability, NBA rules prevent him from re-signing with Minnesota this season.)

Wolves Defeat The Depleted Pacers

The Wolves beat the Pacers at the Target Center last night 90-85. The Pacers, playing without Jermaine O'Neal (sprained ankle) and Ron Artest (awaiting a trade), trailed by 16 points in the third quarter but whittled down the Wolves lead to only 3 points with 12 seconds to play. All Twolves starters- Garnett, Szczerbiak, Hassell, Jaric, and Griffin- scored in double figures for the first time this season. T-Hud was out with the flu.

At 19-18 the Wolves are in second place in the Northwest division behind Denver.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Wolves Tidbits

Fred Hoiberg gets second opinion today to find out if he can continue to play basketball. Says regardless of medical prognosis, won't make his decision to become the first NBA player to play with a pacemaker for at least another week.

England wants Kandi to be a part of their 2012 Olympic Basketball Team.

Skita sprained his ankle on Wednesday before the Celtics game which means no more whining about playing time for at least a few days.

Marko Jaric's knee still hurt after running into Nate Robinson during the Knicks game on Monday. He's expected to play tonight.

Richie Frahm has a sore toe, gets sympathy call from Marcus Camby.

YaySports says "Kevin Garnett is super cool".

Pacers vs Wolves preview

Records: Wolves 18-18, Pacers 21-16

Wolves' averages: 91.8 points, 90.3 points against, 46 FG percentage, 73.9 FT percentage

Pacers' averages: 94.1 points, 90.9 points against, 45.2 FG percentage, 73.8 FT percentage

Pacers all-star Jermaine O'Neal (left ankle sprain) likely won't play. Jamaal Tinsley is recovering from a right biceps injury. And Jonathan Bender hasn't played since the season opener. The injuries and the distraction caused by Ron Artest's looming trade have contributed to a disappointing season for the Pacers, who were predicted to contend for the NBA Finals. Stephen Jackson led the Pacers in scoring in five of their past 10 games and is averaging 20.4 points during that stretch.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

KG Talks Marbury, Says "I'm a Timberwolf at heart, man."

Garnett talks Marbury:
"My second year was probably my best," Garnett said, "because Steph was here, there was a youthfulness in the air, I saw him going through some of the same rookie transitions I went through, messing with him. But at the same time, having another young guy who I knew personally and enjoying the league at the same time, it was a great time."

If not Marbury to Minnesota, how about Garnett to Manhattan?
"I'm not New York, man," he said, walking to the team bus. "I'm a Timberwolf at heart, man. But to have Steph back in 'Sota, that would be some crazy. That would be hot. That would revive the city."

More Trade Rumors

From Sid Hartman:
Speaking of rumors, the word in NBA circles is that Wolves coach Dwane Casey is more interested in dealing with his former team, the Seattle SuperSonics, for Reggie Evans and Ronald (Flip) Murray, two players he knows and likes. Trenton Hassell might have to be a part of a trade that includes those two. But the Wolves don't want to let go of Hassell, who is playing some of his best basketball.

Olowokandi/Blount Trade Rumors Have Cooled

From The Boston Herald:
“There’s nothing going on,” Celts coach Doc Rivers said, addressing the heavy trade rumors of recent days. “Nothing today.”
In fact, according to sources yesterday, discussions have actually cooled. The revelation that the Celtics have been talking with Minnesota, Memphis (this one appears dead), Cleveland and Denver about Blount appears to have the teams involved pausing to rethink their positions.

From The Boston Globe:
Meanwhile, Olowokandi, like Blount, sounded very much like a player prepared to move on.
''You have to be [prepared], whenever that materializes," said Olowokandi, who learned from his agent after Minnesota played New York Monday that something might happen. ''Then, you adapt to it, be it a townhouse, a million-dollar home, or a hotel."

A Boston Globe columnist writes about going surfing with Olowokandi and how the player wouldn't be a good fit for the Celtics.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Pierce Helps Celtics Close Out Wolves

Paul Pierce scored 14 of his 25 points in the fourth quarter to lead the Boston Celtics to a 103-96 win over the Minnesota Timberwolves on Wednesday night.
Pierce scored 11 consecutive points for the Celtics to spark a 13-2 run spanning the third and fourth quarters and help the Celtics turn a seven-point deficit into a four-point lead. Boston outscored Minnesota 34-23 in the fourth quarter.

Kevin Garnett had 29 points and 13 rebounds but was held to just two points in the fourth quarter.
Wally Szczerbiak scored 22 points and Hassell had a season-high 18 for the Timberwolves, whose three-game winning streak came to a halt.
Garnett scored 13 first-quarter points and helped Minnesota end the quarter on a 14-2 run. He scored seven during that stretch, including a 35-footer at the buzzer that put the Timberwolves up 32-22.
The Timberwolves led by as many as 14 early in the second quarter but the Celtics chipped away at the lead, pulling to within seven on three occasions.

Mark Blount Scouting Report

The Celtics Blog offers an "unbiased" scouting report detailing the strengths and weaknesses of Mark Blount as well as the info below:

Trade Kicker: All in all, he has the talent to be so much more. Most know by now that he has a trade kicker that will pay him 15% more than his current salary if traded. Most Celtics fans tend to believe that his effort will increase about 15% if traded as well. Blount has been a disgruntled employee since O’Brien quit two seasons ago. That didn’t stop him from taking the Celtics money, but I think he would have been happier somewhere else. It is very possible that he’ll give that much more effort (for a while at least) in an effort to stick it to the Celtics and prove how good a player he is. Of course, there are no guarantees.

Wolves Articles To Keep You Busy Til They Get Rid Of Kandi

Wolves' Eddie Griffin: Forward thinking ill-advised in new duties
Eddie Griffin never has been a center, but it's a role that is getting him more minutes on the court with the Wolves.
If one potential trade cited in the Boston Globe Tuesday pans out -- Olowokandi for Mark Blount -- the Wolves might wind up with another center who is more comfortable facing up than playing low. If Olowokandi gets traded but for help elsewhere, Griffin might be the No. 1 man in the middle for a while.

Scoring onus on Hassell
Casey to lean on guard as the Wolves' third option
"We will lean on him,'' Wolves coach Dwane Casey said. "And I told him that, that we need him as a third option. Some nights maybe it's him, some nights maybe Troy (Hudson)... . But Trenton's the logical third guy in the starting rotation.''

Twolves Respond To Kobe/Shaq Reconciliation

The Association has posted the reactions of various sports figures and others to the sweet reunion between Kobe and Shaq. Below are a few:

Kevin Garnett - "Those mutherfuckers needed to get their mutherfucker-asses along, mutherfucker. They won too many of those mutherfucker-ass titles to hate each mutherfucker other. You know what I'm sayin' mutherfucker?"

Mark Madsen - "Yo me gusto Kobe y Shaq pero no necesito a Coca Cola con caffeine."

Dirk Nowitzki - Gong Show!!!

Tony Longoria - "Zee fat one make nice wis zee snake guy? I still take hot TV girl from you stupid Americans!"

Eva Longoria - (thinking, "Look at me, look at me, look at me, look at me") "I love the NBA, especially all the touchdowns!!!"

Wolves Need Paul Pierce

From Marc Stein/ESPN:
The Minnesota Timberwolves will be playing in Boston at a time when they've been talking trade with the Celtics, too.
Wednesday night, then, brings the Wolves as agonizingly close as they can be to the player they lust for so badly . . . but can't get.
Paul Pierce.
No player at
Kevin Garnett's elite level needs a scoring sidekick more than KG, and so no name circulating in the NBA's perpetually bubbling vat of speculation can hold greater appeal to Minnesota than Pierce. Approaching birthday No. 30 in May, and in his 11th season, Garnett has never been more versatile, on the floor and in those new adidas commercials. The only thing missing, as always, is a Kobe mode, where KG unleashes a string of 40-point games to rescue a roster filled with journeymen.
That's not going to happen when KG's taking 16 shots a game.

Kandi's Still Here

It's been way more than 72 hours and Olowokandi hasn't gone anywhere. And rumors surrounding a Blount/Kandi trade are now including Cleveland, Denver, and Memphis among possible destinations for the Celtic. It's too bad we can't just leave Kandi in Boston tonight where the Wolves face the Celtics.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Possible Update On Krisan (The Curly Haired Dancer)

Finally! A possible explanation on why everyone's favorite Twolves dancer Krisan (the curly haired one) is no longer with the team. According to my source (who works at the Target Center), Krisan was fired for sleeping with one of the players. I guess sex with the team isn't in the dancers' code of conduct. If completely unrelated rumors about this particular player are true, he'll be gone from the team fairly soon as well.

Disclaimer: I do not know this to be factual. I'm merely writing about what my source told me.

Wally Not Apologetic- "that's part of the game"

Cold Spring Harbor's Wally Szczerbiak says playing at Madison Square Garden is his favorite game of the year "by far."
In fact, the Timberwolf star said, the first thing he does when he gets Minnesota's schedule is circle the date on his calendar.
Stephon Marbury probably won't greet him with open arms the next time he visits.
Szczerbiak didn't apologize for setting the screen that knocked Marbury out of the yesterday's Garden clash. He didn't feel he needed to.
What Marbury described as "dirty," Szczerbiak called "legal." And while the Long Island native expressed sympathy for Marbury — who left the Knicks' 96-90 loss with 8:18 to go and the Knicks trailing by five — he insisted there was no intent.
"I guess it was a hard screen, but that's part of the game," Szczerbiak said of the play that left Marbury with a sprained left shoulder and questionable for tomorrow night's game in Chicago.
"It's the job of his teammates to let him know it's coming," Szczerbiak said.

Marbury Says Collision Was A Result Of "a dirty pick"

New York Knicks guard Stephon Marbury, who hasn't missed a game due to injury in five years, is doubtful for Wednesday's game at Chicago because of a sprained left shoulder.

Marbury was hurt midway through the fourth quarter when he collided with Minnesota's Wally Szczerbiak while trying to fight through a pick. Marbury called it "dirty" after the game, and still maintained Tuesday that the play was unnecessary.

"You just don't lean in on picks. That's just something that you don't do," Marbury said. "When you set a pick you stand straight up. And I've got drilled by millions of picks. I mean I get picked all the time. So I know. I know when it's a dirty pick and when it's a good pick."

KG and AI Named NBA Players Of The Week

NEW YORK, Jan. 17 – The Philadelphia 76ers’ Allen Iverson and the Minnesota Timberwolves’ Kevin Garnett today were named the Eastern and Western Conference Players of the Week, respectively, for games played Monday, Jan. 9 through Sunday, Jan. 15.

Garnett, the only player in the top 20 overall in points, rebounds and assists this week, led the Timberwolves to a 2-1 record, averaging 24.3 points on .592 shooting, 14.0 rebounds and 6.3 assists. Garnett needs three rebounds to become the sixth player in league history to record 16,000 points, 9,000 rebounds and 3,500 assists.

KG Loyal To His Dog And His Wolves

NY Times Article: Garnett Is Loyal To His Dog And His Wolves
"I'm just a loyal person," he said. "I'm loyal to my friends, friends that I've had since Day 1. Loyal to my dog. I'm not a person who believes in giving up just because the moment is kind of difficult. I don't believe in that. I'm a person that believes if you give me an opportunity, I've always appreciated that and I'll show that appreciation, be loyal to the cause. I'm invested in it, full mind, body and soul."

USA Today Article: Wolves' Garnett paying a high price for loyalty
Garnett is the one left behind, the last Wolf standing, the man who endured seven straight first-round playoff defeats before finally landing in the conference finals at the end of his MVP season two years back, only to have his team use the fall of the Shaq-Kobe dynasty as an opportunity to retreat itself. Seven years after Stephon Marbury abandoned him, Garnett couldn't be blamed if he pulled a marker out of Marbury's old locker and wrote "All Alone" on his ankle tape.
"I'm just a loyal person," Garnett said after delivering his standard line of 24 points, 16 rebounds and 6 assists. It just isn't easy being loyal to this cause.

Reasons I'd Be Sad To See Kandi Go

1. With Sammy Davis Jr. dead and Olowokandi gone, we'll probably never hear "The Candy Man" in the Target Center again.

2. His "just rolled out of bed thought I'd show up for the game" look made everyone else on our team look like a GQ model.

3. Even if he scored a three pointer at the buzzer to win the game, it was still okay to boo Kandi.

4. The Trail Blazers were jealous that we had a guy who had to be tased TWICE!

If you have more, feel free to post them.

Kandi Trade Rumors

The Boston Globe reports that:
According to two league sources, a deal that would send Mark Blount to Minnesota or Memphis could be completed soon. One source described a deal as ''imminent." The most likely scenario would have the Celtics shipping Blount to Minnesota for 7-foot, 270-pound center Michael Olowokandi. The Celtics play the Timberwolves tomorrow night at the TD Banknorth Garden.

A friend just called to tell me that Paul Allen and Doogie from KFAN reported this morning that they'd also heard rumblings of the Wolves involved in a trade that would send the injured Darius Miles from Portland to Minnesota.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Twolves Game Quotes

Minnesota Timberwolves Head Coach Dwayne Casey on today's game: We faced a lot of tough match-ups out there with (Stephon) Marbury and Nate (Robinson) and the rest of the team, but our guys were able to contain them and we won.

Wally Szczerbiak on today's win: This was a big win for us. We hadn't been playing well on the road, but today we were able to go out there, score some points and even with their run, we held them.

Troy Hudson on his 3-pointer at the end of the game: Coach (Dwayne Casey) called my number on the play. I got the ball, took a few dribbles and took the shot. I had no fears of missing it, I just took it.

KG Nears 9000 Rebound Mark

It would take a monster effort on the boards today, but Kevin Garnett is in range of a significant milestone. He needs 19 rebounds to reach the 9,000 mark for his career.
Once he does that he will become the 41st player in NBA history to reach 9,000, and he would be the sixth to have at least 16,000 points, 9,000 rebounds and 3,500 assists. Garnett now has 16,435 points, 8,981 rebounds and 3,692 assists.
The other players on that short list? In order: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Karl Malone, Wilt Chamberlain, Charles Barkley and Elgin Baylor.

Clippers In Talks With Spree

The Clippers are hopeful that free-agent guard Latrell Sprewell will join them for the remainder of the season, a team source said.
Clipper officials have had conversations with Sprewell, who apparently needs time to get into playing condition and consider his next move.

Timberwolves Stun Madison Square Garden

Twolves snap their 7 road game losing streak with a win against the New York Knicks. A three pointer by T-Hud ("I just launched it") with 7 seconds left in the game sealed the win.
KG and Szczerbiak helped the Wolves gain a 19 point lead in the third quarter but Marbury (who had to leave in the 4th quarter after a collision with Szczerbiak) and crew cut down the lead significantly in the last quarter.
Amid trade rumors and after being absent for the past two games, Casey put Kandi in during the first quarter.

The final score: 96-90

The Knicks broke their 6 game winning streak last night against the Raptors who had a franchise high with 129 points scored.

That Commercial Is Cappadonna

The folks at Free Darko have compiled a list of comparisons to what was termed the "SADDEST COMMERCIAL EVER" i.e., the KG Adidas commercial. Here are a few:
that commercial is oj simpson by himself watching the 2006 rose bowl
that commercial is jameer nelson on draft night
that commercial is rob babcock
that commercial is zora neal hurston in the last years of her life
that commercial is biz markie on celebrity fit club
that commercial is cappadonna

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Where Is Krisan (The Curly Haired Dancer)?

Krisan, everyone's favorite Timberwolves Dancer, is MIA. It's been almost a month since anyone's seen her at a game. To make matter worse, her picture is no longer in the dancers' roster. What gives? I'm not a big fan of our dance team but she was the only reason worth watching them. You've got to give props to anyone who can maintain a smile that big while simultaneously bopping her head throughout an entire game. Her energy and the fact that she ate 3 spiders on what has become a hugely popular episode of Fear Factor made her a standout. Krisan, wherever you are, you will be missed.

Mad Dog Blog 1/14/06

Mark Madsen- hanging with the roommates, fixing garage doors, and keeping it real. I just can't believe that not only does he hang out at Champps, but he also has a good time doing so.

Possible Hoiberg and Flip Reunion

If rehabilitating Timberwolves guard Fred Hoiberg is medically cleared Friday to return to the basketball court, some people believe former Wolves coach Flip Saunders of the Detroit Pistons might try to sign him to use as a shooter off the bench.

KG Averaging 39.5 Minutes Per Game

Timberwolves coach Dwane Casey said coming into this season that he planned to reduce Kevin Garnett's playing time to 36 to 38 minutes a game.
But as the season's halfway mark approaches, Garnett is averaging 39.5 minutes, more than he did in each of the past two seasons. Even in a game that appeared out of hand Friday night, a 103-89 victory over the Denver Nuggets, Garnett still played 40 minutes.

No Olympics For KG

Garnett's agent has informed Jerry Colangelo, managing director of USA Basketball and Phoenix Suns CEO, that KG will not be playing for the 2008 US Olympic Basketball Team. Garnett, along with Tim Duncan, is one of few to turn down the offer. Colangelo still plans on inviting KG to a meeting when the Twolves take on the Suns on Feb 6.
"I don't need to meet with him," Garnett said. "I'm not going to make this no pressing issue. I spoke with him one time. That's that."

Kandi Being Traded? Wolves Say No To Francis Trade

Apparently the real reason the Timberwolves have not been playing Michael Olowokandi is that the center, in his last year of his contract, could be traded very soon.
Wolves owner Glen Taylor strongly hinted at that after Friday night's victory over Denver at Target Center.
"Call me in 72 hours and I will have some news for you," said Taylor, sounding like the deal had been made and will be announced soon.

And despite reports that the Orlando Magic is seeking a trade for recently suspended point guard Steve Francis (the dude refused to play in the 4th quarter of last Wed's game against the Sonics) that would send Szczerbiak and Hassell to Orlando, Twolves owner Glen Taylor says that's not happening.

Friday, January 13, 2006

T-Hud's Favorite Food

It's cabbage. No joke. He loves cabbage and other vegetables like squash. At least according to the entertaining segment shown at the game tonight where we also learned that Trent Hassell likes pizza and hamburger helper and that Rashad is a sushi kind of guy.

Skita Plays, Wolves Beat Nuggets. Coincidence Or Not?

KG scores a season high 31 points in the Twolves victory over the Nuggets at the Target Center tonight. He's no Kobe but that's a good thing and very intentional. (Speaking of Mamba, he's hasn't been wearing those tights lately but McCants continues to rock them.)

The highlight of the game was an Eddie Griffin block on Melo in the first half. More fuel to fire the Griffin playing time debates.

The win put the Twolves back in second place at .500 in the Northwest Division, right ahead of Denver where they should be.

Nikoloz Tskitishvili played for the last couple minutes of the game which puts his total playing time this season to just under 5 minutes. While scoreless thus far, he did manage a couple rebounds this evening when it totally didn't matter.

Trenton Hassell, A Poor Man's Ron Artest?

Discussions between the Pacers and the Clippers of trading Artest for Corey Maggette have come to a halt because of Maggette's foot condition. That doesn't mean that Artest is coming to Minnesota.

Trenton Hassell, a poor man's Ron Artest?
Or better yet, a calm, stable, nonthreatening man's Ron Artest?
Don't scoff. The allure of Artest as a trade target for the Timberwolves and a handful of other teams in the NBA -- in spite of his volatile nature and unpredictable behavior -- is Artest's ability to lock down defensively on potent scorers while getting 20 points himself at the other end.
Hassell, judged on those terms, might not be so far off.

Don't worry about Artest, though. He'll be fine, especially since the Maryland Nighthawks (ABA) are even proposing a trade to Indiana that would include sending them Randy "White Chocolate" Gill.

KG Ranks Third In All-Star Voting

Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Garnett is third among all Western Conference forwards in votes received (1,064,512) after the third returns in the 2006 NBA All-Star Balloting program. Garnett, who has made eight consecutive NBA All-Star appearances, has been voted a Western Conference starter seven straight seasons through the fan voting process.

What If Kevin Garnett Were 100 Stories Tall?

From The (Awesome) Cavalier at YaySports!

Hoiberg Could Be 1st To Play With Pacemaker

MINNEAPOLIS -- Former Bull Fred Hoiberg should know this month whether he can play basketball again despite a heart condition that required surgery and the insertion of a pacemaker last summer.

"I don't want to get my hopes up too high," Hoiberg said Wednesday after shooting baskets at the Target Center before the Bulls and Timberwolves tipped off. "There is a chance I'll never play again. If you get too far ahead of yourself, there's going to be tremendous disappointment if the doctors say no."

Hoiberg, a 10-year NBA veteran, played his last two seasons for Minnesota before a physical exam revealed he needed surgery to repair an enlarged aortic root in his heart. He said he will be examined by Dr. Barry Marin, one of the world's leading heart specialists, Jan. 20.

Marin is the specialist with whom the Bulls consulted on Eddy Curry's heart condition. Marin did not clear Curry to play, in part because he determined Curry's evaluation was incomplete without DNA testing.

Specialists from the Mayo Clinic believe Hoiberg can resume his career, the 33-year-old said, but other questions loom.

"Playing with a pacemaker, I'd be the first one ever to do that," Hoiberg said. "There's no evidence out there to show how much risk there is because nobody ever has done it before. The good thing is that I have the best doctors in the world looking at my case."

Hoiberg played four seasons with the Bulls before being released in 2003. If he is cleared to play and decides to return, Hoiberg cannot play for the Timberwolves this season because of provisions in the league's amnesty clause, which the team used to release him.

Take That, Charles Barkley!

The notion that the Timberwolves should consider trading Kevin Garnett and his $100 million contract in order to rebuild the franchise has resurfaced among some NBA analysts.
Forget it, Wolves coach Dwane Casey said Wednesday.
"It would be suicide to lose Kevin," Casey said. "That's not even part of my thought process."
Still, some team insiders have wondered how long it might be before Garnett, who turns 30 this spring and is in his 11th season in Minnesota, decides his chances of winning an NBA championship here have passed and subsequently demands either front-office changes or a trade.

Garnett- Hollywood Hero?

Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Garnett is debuting his new shoe with a TV ad that makes him look more like a movie star than a hoops star.

The ad shows Garnett in different roles, from gladiator to stand-up comedian. It's an example of a trend in sports marketing that shines a show-biz light on big-name athletes.

"He gets to play several roles, all of them heroic," explained media guru John Rash, senior VP of Campbell Mithun.

Rash believes the ads add shine to Garnett's NBA superstardom.

"It humanizes him, and makes him an even more compelling character," Rash said. "Not just on the court, but off the court as well."

The campaign is meant to sell viewers on Garnett's newest Adidas shoe, even if the NBA isn't their thing.

U.S. Team Wants Garnett

Jerry Colangelo would like Kevin Garnett to reconsider.
Colangelo, who is in charge of putting together the 2008 U.S. Olympic men's basketball team, said Thursday he is aware Garnett has said he is not interested in playing for another gold medal.
But Colangelo wants to hear it directly from Garnett, and the Phoenix Suns chairman said he plans to make an appointment to meet with Garnett when the Timberwolves play in Phoenix on Feb. 6. Colangelo also plans to talk with Wolves forward Wally Szczerbiak, who has said he would love to play.

KG Collects His 500th Double-Double

Kevin Garnett, Timberwolves, scored 28 points with 14 rebounds and nine assists as Minnesota topped Chicago 99-93