Saturday, March 31, 2007

Wolves Updates 3/31

Mad Dog blogs that the losses to the Sonics and Jazz left a "bitter taste in our mouth." Madsen also says if he got a vote in the MVP balloting, he "would have to go with Dirk Nowitzki." compiled a list of players' nicknames in China. Garnett's is "Lang Wang" which translates into "King of the Wolves."

From Steve Aschburner/Star Tribune:
The Timberwolves already have lost more often in 32 games with Randy Wittman (22 losses) as head coach than they did under fired Dwane Casey in 40 (20).

Garnett on Mark Blount:
"He's back to hitting shots and being more productive," forward Kevin Garnett said. "But everybody in the league goes through a little mini (lull)."

Pooh Richardson, the Wolves first-ever draft pick, was honored with a framed jersey in celebration of the team's 80s theme during yesterday's game.

Stats from last night's game:
Kevin Garnett, with 22 points and 20 rebounds, got his first 20-20 game of the season and 30th of his career.

Wolves 77, Heat 92

From Britt Robson/On The Ball:
The Timberwolves were being blown off the court by the supposedly aged Miami Heat. In the space of 67 whirlwind seconds, the Heat had stolen passes, leaked out on Minnesota's missed shots, and just generally hustled themselves into four layups, turning a three-point deficit into double digits in a blink, running the score to 10-21 with 3:26 to go in the first quarter. It was the latest shoulda-been embarrassment for the club that knows no shame.

Team record: 30-42

Steve Aschburner/Star Tribune

Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press

AP Recap

Box Score

"Energy was not there at the start," coach Randy Wittman said. "You can't come out lackadaisical at the start of games."

Friday, March 30, 2007

Wolves Updates 3/30

From Britt Robson/On The Ball:
The Wolves have slipped behind Sacramento to 12th place in the West, out of the playoffs by 4 games with 11 left to play. Minutes for Rashad McCants: 6:48. There is still a mathematical chance for the Wolves to bag that 8th spot of course, but the odds are steep enough that you have to wonder if Coach Wittman really is invoking a "tanking with vets" strategy...

Pooh Richardson, in town for the team's 80s night this evening, with his take on the team:
"It looks like they've got the talent," Richardson, an original Timberwolf, said of the current club. "What I've always thought, they've just got to inject some energy. There's got to be some new look, new life."

From Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press:
The Wolves practiced Thursday in an unusual move following back-to-back games Tuesday and Wednesday. Coach Randy Wittman said he wanted his players to get back in a routine before today's game. ... Wittman said Rashad McCants was ill during the previous two games but felt better Thursday.

Kelly Dwyer/ lists Ricky Davis at #8 on his list of the most disappointing players of the season.

Dime gives Randy Foye an honorable mention on its list of NBA players with "the best handles."

Coach Wittman says he's "really pleased" with Craig Smith:
I'm satisfied with the kind of year he's given us. The bad thing about that is he's shown me what he can do, so he needs to take that another step this summer."

Dan Barreiro/KFAN puts the recent statements from owner Glen Taylor in the category of "the dumber sports-related comments we are forced to endure."

In a chat on ESPN, Chad Ford responds to whether he thinks Garnett will leave Minnesota:
Given all the opportunities that Minnesota has had to trade him, my gut says no UNLESS, Garnett finally, and publicly, asks for a trade. The Wolves just won't pull the trigger on their franchise player. They should've done it at the trade deadline when Chicago was willing to fork over several top young prospects including Luol Deng, Tyrus Thomas to make it happen. I don't think they'll get a better deal.

Garnett says that he's "not surprised" with USA Today's NBA salary analysis, which shows that "center is the top-paid position, point guard the lowest."

Fred Hoiberg on KG's work ethic and why fans should be excited about Randy Foye, Craig Smith, and Rashad McCants.

Coach Wittman after the loss to the Sonics:
"Three games, all three games the same, we just ... don't have the mix of guys that, when it's time to put our foot on their neck and squash it right here, [have done that]...

A preview of tonight's game against the Heat.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Wolves Updates 3/29

From Steve Aschburner/Star Tribune:
Wittman said that, despite the Wolves' dwindling hopes of earning a playoff spot, he isn't ready to go into play-for-next-season mode.

"That's my goal every night: Win every game," he said. So he wasn't ready to commit more time to youngsters such as Randy Foye or Rashad McCants, at least not in a pure preparatory mode.

Coach Wittman on dealing with the blowout loss to the Sonics:
"We've got to shake it off, especially on a back to back with no time in between," he said. "We can't have any lingering effects of feeling sorry for ourselves. We all hurt with what happened (Tuesday) night."

Dan Barreiro/KFAN on how the team is trying to "solve" its problems:
You take some penny-ante marketing 101 class and concoct something called "Blueprint for the Future" and try to sell it with a straight face.

From Sid Hartman:
In defense of Kevin McHale, Taylor spoke of how the Spurs got lucky and twice won the NBA draft lottery, taking David Robinson in 1987 and then Tim Duncan in 1997. "Had McHale been that fortunate, there wouldn't be any critics," Taylor said.

Hartman also notes the following:
NBA Entertainment was here Tuesday to do work on a historical DVD on Kevin Garnett.

From Sam Smith/Chicago Tribune:
I believe Garnett will push them this summer to get him out, but won't go public knowing he can walk on his own after next season.

Wolves 102, Jazz 108

From Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press:
The Timberwolves didn't have anything to be embarrassed about Wednesday night.

If they'd had more efforts like this, they probably wouldn't be stuck in such dire straits, a season-worst 11 games under .500 following a 108-102 defeat to the Utah Jazz, who clinched the Northwest Division title.

Team Record: 30-41

Steve Aschburner/Star Tribune recap

AP Recap

Box Score

"We fought, we fought. It came down to last four minutes of execution,'' Garnett said.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wolves Updates 3/28

The Wolves have now lost four games in which they led by at least 15, and nine in which they led by double figures at one point or another.

10,000 Takes want the team to start paying some of its players with "McHale Dollars."

Kent Youngblood/Star Tribune writes that as of Tuesday afternoon, Garnett leads the team in dunks with 56 this season, followed by Mark Blount and Craig Smith.

KG on learning that Mark Madsen has no dunks so far:
"That's funny, wow," Garnett said. "That's a bit of a shock. Dog is a powerful dunker, and he doesn't have a dunk this year? I'll have to get on him about that.

From Brian Murphy/Pioneer Press:
Despite dodging the bullet against the Trail Blazers, coach Randy Wittman acknowledges rebounding has been the team's Achilles' heel all season. Only four teams rebound less than the Wolves, who boast the NBA's best rebounder in Kevin Garnett.

RandBall on where the team ranks in ESPN's Ultimate Standings.

An open house announcement for this Friday at the University of St. Thomas:
The open house will include a 5 p.m. unveiling and dedication of two paintings, by Minnesota artist Jimmy Longoria in collaboration with Minnesota Timberwolves players Mark Madsen and Rashad McCants...

From Jonathan Feigen/Hoopsworld:
Garnett has always been one of those stars that defy easy definition, so it became easier to attach a cliché label to him than to tackle the more difficult analysis.

Gary Giombetti/The Hibbing Daily Tribune wants to know "what's really wrong with the Timberwolves."

A preview of tonight's game at the Jazz.

Wolves 106, Sonics 114

After being up by 25 points halfway through the third quarter, the Wolves squandered their lead and fell to the Sonics on Tuesday night, setting a new team low in the process.

From Britt Robson/On The Ball:
Media question: "This 25 point lead was the biggest one blown in franchise history. Can you put that in perspective?"

Garnett: "No I can't. That's fucked up. That's fucked up."

From Kent Youngblood/Star Tribune:
A self-destruction unlike any Timberwolves fan had ever seen. A meltdown on a scale all others from here on out will be measured against.

Brian Murphy/Pioneer Press recap

AP Recap

Box Score

Postgame quotes

Garnett, one assist shy of a triple-double, placed the blame for the loss on himself:
"I was telling everyone, when we came in [after the game] I felt it was my fault," he said. "As the leader of this team, we have to stay aggressive for 48 minutes. I'm very good at dictating and understanding the game, knowing how stuff flows. I feel I got away from that and didn't lead properly. [I'm] very aggravated and discouraged with that."

Click here for a list of the biggest blown leads in team history.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

McHale causing tough times for sales department

The Wolves recently announced that they would decrease or keep level the price of most of their season ticket packages for next year as well as offer incentives to those signing up early. Apparently, it's not working as well as the organization had hoped. Patrick Reusse/Star Tribune writes that the team's continued employment of McHale is one of the reasons for this.

The Timberwolves are working on season-ticket and suite renewals for the 2007-08 season. The early results are horrendous. A frequent response has been: "I'm not going to commit until I find out if Kevin McHale is going to remain the basketball boss."

Reusse then comments on McHale's future with the team:
A month ago, owner Glen Taylor sounded as if he was ready to convince McHale to resign, with the triumvirate of Fred Hoiberg, Rob Babcock and Jim Stack sharing power in the basketball operation.

Now, sources in the organization say that Taylor is wavering. The owner could wait a few weeks after the season and see how bad things are with ticket sales before making a McHale decision.

Wolves Updates 3/27

Stephen Litel/City Pages Sports blog interviews Ricky Davis and asks about the team's performance this season, the player's reputation as a "locker room cancer," and how he'd feel about coming off the bench:
I'm always willing to do something nice, but that was something that I was better at in my younger days. I'm going to be a starter and I'm going to stay a starter, so we'll just keep it like that...

Mike Trudell/Timberwolves site with a "behind the scenes" look at Randy Foye.

Brett at NBA Fanhouse posts video of Garnett's game-winning shot in Sunday's win over Portland.

Brian Murphy/Pioneer Press on Foye's performance in Sunday's game:
It was the fourth time in the past nine games Foye reached double digits in the final quarter, and seventh such game this season. His shooting and free throw percentages are considerably higher in the fourth quarter and overtime, revealing a competitiveness that has made Foye a go-to guy down the stretch.'s rookie rankings list Craig Smith at #5 for this week. In the overall rankings, Foye is at #7 and Smith is at #8.

Ricky Davis on the team's playoff chances:
"I'm tired of watching for the playoffs," Davis said after his defense had helped the Wolves beat Portland 94-93 at Target Center on Sunday. "I think I'm just going to come in and we have to play each game. The more we watch, the more we lose."

From Sam Smith/Chicago Tribune:
Could the Timberwolves be so bereft of ideas and motivation they'd continue the way they are going? Their hand may finally be forced because friends believe Garnett will force his way out after this season. Given his opt-out status, it's too big a risk for almost any team to offer much for Garnett. Except one: The Lakers. Garnett lives in Malibu and is known to be coveted by the Lakers, among others, of course. And Kobe Bryant would be the perfect teammate given he is the finisher Garnett lacks.

A preview of tonight's game against the Sonics.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Wolves Updates 3/26

Garnett has made 4 of the 11 buzzer-beating game-winning shots in Wolves history.

The Sacramento Bee talks to Mike James about his advice column for SLAM Magazine.
The main thing is a lot of these kids, they need guidance. So many times, people tell these young kids the wrong information on how to survive in today's life. If I can shed light for somebody and tell them how to lead their life and how to help them lead a better life, then maybe that's the calling God has blessed me with.

Britt Robson/On The Ball on Foye vs. Roy:
It may sound like a cop-out, but I honestly think there is no "loser" in this competition--or if there is, we won't know which for at least another three or four years.

Garnett agrees with Coach Wittman's sentiment that Foye serves the team better coming off the bench:
"I think when he comes in off the bench, he has more leeway to come in and be more aggressive than when he's in with [all the starters]," Garnett said.

"When he's out there with me [late in games], I let him off the chain. In Sacramento I let him off the chain. I like to put him in position to be totally aggressive in the pick-and-roll, take advantage of his quickness. He loves to get let off the leash."

New Gophers coach Tubby Smith on how friend Dwane Casey helped sell him on taking the position:
"I'll be honest with you, talking with him [Casey] and how he really enjoyed living and working in Minneapolis, that kind of pushed me over the edge," Smith said. writes that Casey "could be a candidate for the Kentucky head coaching job."

Wolves 94, Blazers 93

From Kent Youngblood/Star Tribune:
On a night when Portland’s ability to pound the offensive glass almost at will -- getting 11 of its 25 fourth-quarter points off of rebounds -- some tough defense by Davis, another clutch fourth-quarter from rookie Randy Foye and a buzzer-beating basket by Garnett was just enough.

KG on the shot that won the game:
I really couldn't see over the hands, so I sorted of faded back a little bit, got it up, and it went in.

Team record: 30-39

Brian Murphy/Pioneer Press recap

AP Recap

Box Score

Postgame quotes

Randy Foye on his first Target Center game against Brandon Roy, the rookie the team traded for Foye on draft night:
"He's in a great situation, and I'm in a great situation here," Foye said. "We both played well tonight, but luckily we came out with the win. It was fun."

Garnett said that both players will eventually be
"something to be reckoned with.''

Blazers play-by-play voice Mike Barrett writes about the game:
Some have called it the most heart-wrenching loss of the season for the Blazers, and that's not an overstatement.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Wolves Updates 3/25

Britt Robson/On The Ball does not think that Coach Wittman should be calling out Garnett for "a lack of locker room enforcement":
But people lead in different ways. For KG, it has always been going hard in every practice, studying every inch of available film, communicating with his teammates, playing through injuries, playing with passion, and remaining loyal to a franchise that has handled his career with seemingly no understanding of what would best complement his game.

From Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press:
Wittman said he thinks Garnett is much more of a vocal leader now than when he came into the NBA.

Both coach and player believe that Wittman could also "help provide more vocal leadership."

Mike James says that the "inconsistency on roles with this team" makes it difficult for someone to step up as a clear-cut vocal leader.

Some People's Kids are now offering "Free Bracey Wright" t-shirts.

Steve Aschburner/Star Tribune explains the future first-round picks owed by the team to the Clippers and the Celtics.

Aschburner also writes on the Wolves and Celtics and "the switcheroo between these teams from last spring to this one."

Hoopsworld's Rumor Mill on Coach Wittman (which they choose to spell "Whittman"):
Randy Whittman is not a long term solution in Minnesota - ask any Timberwolves' player and you may be surprised at how disliked Randy is among the players.

The Wolves return home from their long roadtrip to host the Trail Blazers this afternoon.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Wolves Updates 3/24

From Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press:
Garnett responded to Wittman's concern that the team lacks vocal leadership by saying it's sometimes "draining" to get himself ready to play as well as the entire team.

"If you lead, they will follow," Garnett said. "If they don't, then so be it. I'm not a baby sitter. I guess at times he feels some people should speak up. Well, he has a voice too. The dilemmas that are on this team don't just fall off on one person. We all collectively have to deal with them."

KG on new Gophers coach Tubby Smith, an assistant on the Team USA squad for which Garnett played:
"I'm happy for him. Tubby's going to do well for the school, man," Garnett said. "I hope I get to run into him one of these days or at least say 'What's up?' That's my guy. Funny guy, real cool guy. Good for kids. Very structural person. Very well-educated in his basketball teachings. Knows what he's doing. Very confident man."

According to the voters at True Hoop, Kurt at Forum Blue & Gold's proposed deal to bring Garnett to the Lakers was the best among the offers for KG submitted by bloggers on behalf of their teams.

Kelly Dwyer/ lists Garnett at #5 in his weekly player rankings.

From Sid Hartman:
The Wolves, with a good chance to keep their No. 1 draft choice and not give it up to the Clippers if they finish in the bottom 10, have scouts at every NCAA region in the tournament. General Manager Jim Stack is in East Rutherford, Vice President Kevin McHale is in St. Louis, Zarko Durisic, the director of player personnel, is in San Jose, and assistant general managers Rob Babcock and Fred Hoiberg are in San Antonio.

Wolves 82, Sonics 85

From Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press:
Minnesota's faint playoff hopes aren't over just yet, at least mathematically, but they suffered a 85-82 setback Friday night after a collapse against the Seattle SuperSonics. Their 1-4 road trip pushed them closer to the brink, the latest loss coming after they crumbled and wasted a 14-point lead in the third quarter.

Steve Aschburner/Star Tribune recap

AP Recap

Box Score

Ricky Davis on the team's playoff chances:
"We're running uphill with a weight vest on," he said.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Wolves Updates 3/23

Steve Aschburner/Star Tribune on Randy Foye:
Foye has had a knack for saving his best for last. So far, 49 percent of his points have come in fourth quarters and overtimes. At those times, he has made 48 percent of his shots, 40 percent of his three-pointers and 91.4 percent of his free throws.

From Britt Robson/On The Ball:
The less said about the playoffs, the better. One, it isn't going to happen. Two, if it does, the Wolves will lose a draft pick and suffer enormous embarrassment on a national stage in the first round, goading KG in the direction of bolting.

David DuPree/USA Today writes that "Garnett is having an MVP-like season, yet it is largely unnoticed." DuPress also has the following from Kevin McHale regarding trading the player:
"You can never get equal value for a player of Kevin's ability," McHale said. "How would we be better without him?"

Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press on Garnett getting his 12th technical foul of the season on Wednesday night:
For reaching that number, Garnett will receive a warning letter from the league stating he will be assessed an automatic one-game suspension if he reaches 16 technicals during the regular season.

Stephen Litel/City Pages Sports blog believes that "it looks as if James found something on this road trip to finally build upon."

David Berri/Wages Of Wins blog talks a bit more about his post on the team being "consistently unproductive."

Ricky Davis on the Wolves coaching change:
"We still get paid a lot of money to go out and do what we do," Davis said. "But we were 50 percent (under Casey). ... We had a good vibe with Casey, and we have a good vibe with (Wittman) too. I think everybody accepted Casey being the coach, and everybody accepted him being fired, too."

A preview of tonight's game at Seattle.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

True Hoop: Help KG find a new home

Henry at True Hoop wants you to vote on the following trade proposals for Kevin Garnett that were put together by a few bloggers for the teams which they represent.

Jeff from CelticsBlog
Matt from Blog-A-Bull
Golden State Of Mind
Kurt from Forum Blue And Gold

Wolves Updates 3/22

Some People's Kids, the originators of the "Free Bracey Wright" movement, got the player to respond to questions they sent him regarding his play, the coaching change, his tattoos, and whether Marko Jaric stinks.

Steve Aschburner/Star Tribune writes that the following comment from Garnett "showed that he doesn't have the impact on others, at least with this group, that a franchise player and future Hall of Famer ought to":

"Each one of us is motivated differently. I'm motivated right now for the playoffs and that's my goal, personally. Sometimes you find yourself only controlling yourself. So if I lead, hopefully they'll follow. Half the time they will."

Coach Wittman believes the team doesn't always "stick together when a tough moment comes up":
"There's not a guy that plays a perfect game," Wittman said. "Guys make mistakes. We've got to lift those guys up when those situations happen instead of being on them for making mistakes."

From Jesse Noyes/The Boston Herald:
Fenway Sports Group has been talking with the National Basketball Association about sending musical acts on a mini-tour of basketball games around the country in upcoming seasons, said Mark Lev, FSG’s executive vice president. It’s already talked to the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Philadelphia 76ers and the Washington Wizards, Lev said.

Stephen Litel/City Pages Sports blog on why he thinks Garnett will remain with the Wolves:
Therefore, he has accepted his place in the NBA landscape. He knows—as unfortunate as it may be for someone with the career he has had—that helping to continue the development of Foye, McCants and Smith are his best chance to ever even sniff a playoff berth again. Not to mention that the Wolves will also be adding that lottery pick this summer.

Wolves 95, Kings 89

From Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press:
The Wolves did just that Wednesday night, overcoming a nine-point deficit early in the fourth quarter en route to a 95-89 victory over the Sacramento Kings at Arco Arena, finally ending their losing streak on the road, the longest of the season, at 11 games.

It was Minnesota's first road win since Jan. 27 against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Current record: 29-38

Steve Aschburner/Star Tribune recap

AP Recap

Box Score

"It was very important" to end the losing streak, Wolves star Kevin Garnett said. "We're a team full of competitors. (The losing streak) kicked our (butts)."

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wolves Updates 3/21

From David Berri/Wages Of Wins blog:
Unfortunately, for this team to win with more frequency, KG's teammates would have to become less consistent from what they have done in the past. The numbers tell us that in the past, these players have been consistently unproductive.

According to Berri's measurements, Craig Smith is "the only above average player receiving significant minutes on the roster" besides Garnett.

Coach Wittman on Craig Smith:
"He's rebounding, he's being active offensively, and I think maybe he is getting a second wind," coach Randy Wittman said. "He hit the wall maybe a little bit earlier."

Britt Robson/On The Ball on how the team is going the wrong route:
They are shunning their young talent, giving them mop-up minutes, which have been plentiful only because the supposedly mature veterans playing ahead of them waste so little time leaving the game in tatters, in creating mop-up garbage time.

For the second season in a row, Garnett's was 7th among the top selling NBA jerseys in China.

Wittman on starting Mike James in last night's game:
"We've talked as a group amongst our point guards that we might change depending on matchups, who we're playing, and how we're playing," Wittman said. "It could change game to game."

Wittman on reports that Garnett recently purchased a house in the area and how that might be a "good sign" for those wanting the player to stay in town:
"In all honesty, if he could play his (entire) career there, that's what he'd want to do. I really believe that," Wittman said. "Does that (purchase) surprise me? No."

Dan Barreiro/KFAN comments on this article from the Pioneer Press:
What's the point of allegedly holding players accountable if several of the players _ notably the ever-more disinterested Mark Blount _ are actually playing worse in the new era of accountability?

A preview of tonight's game at Sacramento.

Wolves 90, Suns 108

From Steve Aschburner/Star Tribune:
"The panic button has been hit," Garnett said. "We've got to win these last two, bar none. I don't know how to say it with any more ... the urgency is there, if we want to make the playoffs."

Wittman, thought, didn't want to talk about playoff implications. He barely wanted to utter the word.

"I'm done talking about the playoffs," the coach said. "Seriously. We've got to worry about winning a game, not 13."

Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press recap

AP Recap

Box Score

Postgame quotes

"I'm motivated right now for the playoffs, and that's my goal personally,'' Garnett said. "If I lead, hopefully they'll follow, and half the time they will.''

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wolves Updates 3/20

Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press writes on Coach Wittman's belief that the team has no "leader that's going to control the locker room." Alonzo suggests that this could be why the players seem "more carefree than might be expected" on plane rides after losses. Ricky Davis disagrees.

"What we do on the plane doesn't have anything to do with what we do on the court," Davis said, explaining that the players take losses seriously. "I don't think there should be a disciplinary act if we lose, you can't play music, you can't play cards, something like that. What we do on the court shouldn't (directly influence) what we do on the plane. If the music's blasting and we're out there laughing and joking and we got beat, it's a different story."

While Wittman emphasizes the importance of having a vocal leader on the team, Trent Hassell says that Garnett, though not that person, is the team's leader.

"It don't matter if you have somebody (vocal) like that, if the other players don't want to do it, they're not going to do it," Hassell said. "Ticket's our leader. He does the right things. It's up to the players to follow him, yes or no. We have a leader on this team. As far as vocally, maybe not, but action-wise, we've got a leader."

From Steve Aschburner/Star Tribune:
Kevin Garnett is 13 points behind Isiah Thomas (18,822) for 44th on the NBA's all-time scoring list and with his six assists Sunday moved four past the legendary Bill Russell (4,100) into 76th place in that category.

This week's overall rookie rankings from have Randy Foye at #7 and Craig Smith at #9.

Coach Wittman on possibly having "three backups but no starter" at point guard:
"I hope not," Wittman said. "I hope we can have a guy emerge from these three who steps up and takes control of the job. As time goes on, I think one will. We're waiting for that one to emerge."

Dirk Nowitzki and Garnett top USA Today's MVP Index rating.

A preview of tonight's game at Phoenix.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Wolves Updates 3/19

Mad Dog on Kobe Bryant elbowing Marko Jaric in the face during the Lakers last game at the Target Center:
"I played with Kobe Bryant for three years. I know him on and off the court," said Madsen before Sunday's Lakers-Timberwolves game at Staples Center. "Kobe Bryant is not a dirty player. But what happens is that Kobe Bryant plays harder than 99% of the players in this league. That's what makes him so talented. Kobe plays clean. He plays hard."

Craig at The Association points out that Jaric wears Kobe Bryant shoes:
I thought he may have worn them just to taunt Mamba, but he's been wearing them all season. Maybe Kobe threw an elbow because Jaric doesn't live up to the Nike Air Zoom name.

Britt Robson/On The Ball writes on last night's game and why Randy Foye should play over Mike James for the rest of the season, "regardless of their performances."

From Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press:
Timberwolves coach Randy Wittman started Randy Foye at point guard on Sunday. The move isn't an indication that Wittman has shifted his focus to the future...

"I still haven't had anybody jump up and say this should be my job," Wittman said.

From Steve Aschburner/Star Tribune:
With 18 points and 11 assists Sunday, James played as if he was trying to show that he, not Foye, deserved a second chance to start.

"It's tough to be starting, to be averaging over 30 minutes a game [for 50 games], to be coming off the bench wondering if you're going to get a DNP [did not play] or not," James said. "Especially when I know I'm a better player than that."

From Sid Hartman:
The Wolves asked waivers on suspended forward Eddie Griffin knowing that nobody is going to claim him and pay his remaining salary.

Wolves 102, Lakers 109

From Steve Aschburner/Star Tribune:
Don't be misled by the final score of the Wolves' 109-102 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday night at Staples Center. Don't be distracted by Kobe Bryant's electric 50 points -- be entertained, be impressed but not distracted -- because the Wolves took themselves out of this game early and never overcame it.

Last night's game brings the total of consecutive road losses to ten.

Team record: 28-37

Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press recap

Stephen Litel/City Pages Sports Blog recap

AP Recap

Box Score

In addition to becoming the first Laker in the last 44 years to have consecutive games with 50 or more points, Bryant is now tied for the second-most points scored by a Wolves opponent. Shaq is at #1 with 53 points scored on 3/20/94.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Wolves Updates 3/18

From Britt Robson/On The Ball:
So what does Randy Wittman and the rest of the "braintrust" do as they head into the most crucial five-game stretch of their season? Why, they ride the guys whose attitudes and work ethics have been most questionable, the guys who have been chronic losers for most or all of their careers, the players who have already driven this squad into the latrine over the last two months...

Steve Aschburner/Star Tribune on KG's technical fouls:
Most of Kevin Garnett's 11 technical fouls this season have been of the dueling variety, in which an opposing player and Garnett both get whistled by a referee trying to maintain control and avoid escalation.

C.J./Star Tribune believes that a "big real estate transaction would suggest that KG is not thinking about leaving town."

A preview of tonight's game at the Lakers.

Coach Wittman on one of the team's "best defensive options" when Kobe Bryant is "hot":
"Hope he misses?"

Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press writes that "how well Jaric does this time defending Bryant will be a key to the Wolves' success."

Rex Kalamian on Friday became just the third Wolves assistant coach in the past 10 years to be called for a technical foul, joining Jerry Sichting (once) and Wittman (four times).

Stephen Litel/City Pages Sports blog
on T-Hud:
I do not have the same amount of issues with Troy Hudson as most, as I have noticed his ability to move the ball and bring tempo to the offense. However, in a game against a high tempo team such as Golden State, good ol' T-Hud comes shining through, making poor decisions and jacking up bad shots.

The Star Tribune also has a piece on how the writer "got suckered by Eddie Griffin along with the rest of them."

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Wolves Updates 3/17

According to The Rake, Steve Aschburner will continue working for the Star Tribune til the end of the Wolves season. Aschburner was one of 24 employees who accepted a buyout from the paper earlier this week.

From Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press:
The Timberwolves' Kevin Garnett said Friday he strongly supports Randy Wittman returning as coach next season but stopped short of repeating a reported comment that the all-star forward doesn't want to be in Minnesota if Wittman isn't retained...

When asked about that comment, Garnett said, "I don't want to be here if they're going to keep changing coaches. I think Witt's... half of a year doesn't really solidify who you are. I think you need a lot more time with your players to implement your whole system. I think he sort of came in and sort of tried to clean up the mess that's been here. That's what he's trying to do. I don't think it's fair to him (to give him only half a season)."

Coach Wittman on KG's comments:
Players do get emotionally involved in a coach, Wittman said. "Good and bad," he said. "As a player, you gain confidence of somebody or, understand a coach, you feel more comfortable with him. There are others that feel the other way, too."

Jamey Eisenberg/CBS Sportsline on Garnett's "frustration."

Portland's Brandon Roy on a conversation with Randy Foye during All-Star weekend:
"He said," Roy recalled, "'Hopefully one day me and you can be the guards of the future, the guys that carried the NBA, the Kobes, the Tracys. Hopefully, one day we can be that.'

Jessica Camerato/Hoopsworld talks to Foye about Villanova in the NCAA tournament.

Wolves 86, Warriors 106

From Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press:
Minnesota opened a five-game road trip Friday night with a resounding 106-86 loss to the Warriors at Oracle Arena, its ninth consecutive defeat on the road and 13th of 14. The Wolves hurt themselves by committing 25 turnovers, tying their season high, and shooting just 35.6 percent against a Golden State team that has won five of six games.

Current record: 28-36

Steve Aschburner/Star Tribune recap

AP Recap

Box Score

Friday, March 16, 2007

Wolves Updates 3/16

From Kent Youngblood/Star Tribune:
But there it is: Despite an 8-15 record since he took over as coach, despite a road losing streak that has run to eight games, the Timberwolves woke up Thursday morning to see that, thanks to yet another Clippers loss, the eighth and final playoff spot was just a half-game away.

Youngblood writes that only four Western Conference teams have fewer road wins than the Wolves and their 9-22 record.

Ricky Davis on the team's 5-game road trip which starts tonight:
"Even though we've been playing bad, we're still right there," Ricky Davis said. "So I guess it's meant to be. I think it can make us or break us. ... Five games. Hopefully we go 3-2 at the worst."

Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press looks at the Wolves and the other teams fighting for the final playoff spot.

From Charley Walters/Pioneer Press:
If he feels he needs it, Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor is willing to buy a draft pick by June, although it would cost him at least $2 million.

From Sid Hartman:
Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor said the team will definitely insist on arbitration before they pay any money to suspended player Eddie Griffin, who was waived by the team and will released if he goes unclaimed.

From Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press:
The organization announced Wednesday that at least 41.6 percent of season-ticket seats at Target Center (7,766 seats) will be reduced for next season.
Team President Chris Wright said the reductions reflect the team's performance on the court. The Wolves are seven games under .500.

The Wolves kickoff their roadtrip tonight at Golden State.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Wolves Updates 3/15

Britt Robson/On The Ball on the team's win over the Pacers:
But anyone who has been watching this ballclub with at least one eye open knew that there was one thing Wittman and his associates higher up the corporate ladder hadn't tried. Not only that, but it was the most logical and unimpeachable thing they could have done in the wake of this team's methodical meltdown and nonchalant ineptitude since the All Star break: Play the kids.

A few of the Wolves talk about the NCAA tournament.

Rashad McCants on using the summer to rehab:
"I think so," he said. "The time off to be able to strengthen my knee, it will be good for me. During the season you don't have too much time. I'm able to play well defensively. But it has taken me quite a while to get my shot back. But it's all progressing."

From Kent Younblood/Star Tribune:
The majority of season ticket prices inside Target Center will remain flat or go down slightly next year.

From Mike Max/WCCO:
The reason the Timberwolves want to add a veteran leader is that they are convinced Kevin Garnett is better served without that role.

KG on Coach Wittman: I don't want to be here if he's not here

According to Sid Hartman, Garnett thinks that Coach Wittman has "done a real good job, you know, dealing with the head cases and the things that we have on this team" and wants him to return next season:
"Absolutely, and if he's not, it's not going to be a good thing. ... I don't want to be here if he's not here."

Garnett says about Wittman that he hopes owner Glen Taylor "takes into consideration, and strong consideration in bringing him back and putting some players here and just forming some chemistry."

KG believes that the coach gives "everybody on this team confidence." He also says that when Flip Saunders was fired, he told Taylor that Wittman should be his replacement.

Kevin McHale says about Wittman:
"I like Randy; he'll be back."

Hartman notes about McHale:
While Taylor said he is going to be more involved in the team's operations next year, you can be assured McHale will be back unless he chooses to not return.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Aschburner to leave Star Tribune

Along with 23 other employees, Star Tribune beat writer Steve Aschburner accepted a voluntary buyout from the newspaper that was "triggered" by its recent sale.

Aschburner covered the Timberwolves for paper and is also the president of the Professional Basketball Writers Association.

Minnesota Monitor has the email the Strib sent out explaining the buyouts as well as a list of the other employees leaving the paper.

Wolves Updates 3/14

According to Kent Youngblood/Star Tribune, though Eddie Griffin was waived yesterday, his contract situation could still end up in arbitration. Youngblood says that owner Glen Taylor "made it sound as if no real agreement had been reached" between the organization and Griffin's reps on the remainder of the player's contract.

"I think we just made a decision that, let's get it over with, part ways," said Wolves owner Glen Taylor. "And so we waived him, and we'll see what happens with that."

KG on Coach Wittman's statements that some on the team are acting selfishly :
"We have a lot of different issues on this team, not just with players," Garnett said. "I think [Wittman] is trying to get everybody motivated and keep guys motivated."

Stephen Litel/City Pages Sports Blog asks Larry Bird about Garnett's "place in the history books":
"There are a lot of competitors in this league. Usually the ones who have had the most success are the top competitors. That's the way it has always been," said Bird.

Coach Wittman on Marko Jaric's performance in last night's win:
"I thought he played with a freer mind than he had previously."

From Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press:
Wolves coach Randy Wittman continued to laud point guard Troy Hudson for his ability to push the team into its offense quickly. But he said Hudson's performance at the position since moving into the starting lineup March 4 has been up and down, just like that of fellow point guards Mike James and Randy Foye.

Charley Walters/Pioneer Press on owner Glen Taylor:
Instead, Taylor has directed coach Randy Wittman, who is virtually certain to return as coach next season, to try to win each of the Wolves' remaining games "and see what happens, see what guys can do what.

Dan Barreiro/KFAN on Mark Blount:
Mark Blount is a 7-foot shooting guard, though he can't guard shooting guards, or get to the free-throw line like shooting guards are supposed to do. Then again, he can't guard power forwards or centers, either. His interior defense is atrocious. He won't rebound, either. Not if he can help it. That rebounding work takes tenacity, fire, maybe even aggressiveness.

Wolves 86, Pacers 81

From Kent Youngblood/Star Tribune:
For one night, anyway, this was that niche: Veteran Kevin Garnett surrounded mostly by young players -- rookies Randy Foye and Craig Smith, second-year player Rashad McCants and Marko Jaric.

That five played together, substitution-free, starting with 3:32 left in the third quarter until only 13.7 seconds remained in the game. Together they changed the momentum of that game.

Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press recap

AP Recap

Box Score

"This was big for us,'' said Timberwolves rookie Randy Foye, who scored 16 points. "We had to get this one. This one was a definite, right here.''

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Eddie Griffin waived

The Timberwolves waived Eddie Griffin on Tuesday.

The 6-foot-10 Griffin appeared in just 13 games for the Wolves this season and had not played since Dec. 13, a span of 42 games.

“It was time for both parties – Eddie and the Timberwolves – to move on,” Wolves vice president of basketball operations Kevin McHale said in a statement. “It just didn't work out for Eddie here in Minnesota.”

Regarding the remainer of his contract:
McHale declined further comment to the media on Tuesday night, but alluded in his statement that the team reached a financial settlement with Griffin to nullify the contract, which had one more season remaining.

“He will be a free agent next year and we do not have any further financial obligations regarding Eddie's contract,” McHale said.

Wolves Updates 3/13

From Kent Youngblood/Star Tribune:
After the Timberwolves had practiced Monday, Wittman talked about the frustration of trying to get his team to play more consistently.

"All I can do, seriously, is keep teaching and coaching them to play the right way," he said. "That's what I'm going to do. But we've got to defeat the demons that are inside ourselves. Not the other team. We still have demons inside of us that come back to bite us."

From Jon Krawczynski/Associated Press:
Defensive stopper Trenton Hassell, who has missed the last two games with a sprained left ankle, said it's only natural for some players to press when the losses start piling up.

"Sometimes, when things aren't going good, you kind of do things you're not used to doing. You try to take it upon yourself individually to see what you can do to get it going," Hassell said. "But we just have to stay together as a team because we can only do it as a team. We can't do it individually."

From Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press:
Hassell still can't push off his ankle well enough and will miss tonight's game, his fourth in a row. He said he would accompany the team on its five-game road trip, and he hopes to return to action at some point during the trip.

A preview of tonight's game against the Pacers.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Glen Taylor interview

Mike Max/WCCO sat down with owner Glen Taylor to talk about a number of topics.

Taylor talks about his disappointment with the team, not only in terms of the losses, but also because of financial reasons. He discusses how, because of their belief that the team was close to achieving its goals, the organization has taken a fixit" or "let's get it done right away" approach to the team's problems. Taylor says that this has gotten them off track and steered them away from his plan for the team. He mentions how while money is an issue, if the right player/s come along, he'll spend the money. Taylor also promises to be more involved with decisions this year than he has in the past couple seasons.

Other issues he addresses:

-Kevin McHale
Front office changes were designed to surround McHale with people with more experience. Any decision on whether McHale will be here next year won't be made til after the season.

-Coach Wittman
Taylor says it's not definite that he'll be coaching next season but that he'd be very surprised if that's not the case.

-Kevin Garnett
Taylor says it's both his and KG's preference that the player finish his career in Minnesota

Wolves Updates 3/12 gives Kevin McHale the number one spot on its list of the "struggling GM's in the NBA."

Troy Hudson on the team's future:
"Either way management wants to go, I think we have something good," Hudson said. "If they keep this same unit here, we'll try to build with veteran leadership and youth. I think we're going in a positive direction. If they decide to go young and rebuild, I think we'll have a core, young nucleus here that I think the Timberwolves will be satisfied with in a few years."

Dwane Casey on the team's current situation:
"I think they've got the pieces there to win. The key thing is playing together and being consistent," he said. "If they have a hot week, then they have a chance to make it to the playoffs," said Casey, who has a year and a half, or $3.5 million, left on his contract.

Casey on KG:
"[Kevin] Garnett deserves a chance to get in the playoffs, and that's why it's tough to develop players, the way we did last year, and try to make it to the playoffs."

Sid Hartman with a list of where the team's scouts were this weekend:
McHale, vice president of basketball operations, was at the Big 12 tournament; assistant general manager Fred Hoiberg watched the SEC; assistant general manager Rob Babcock was at the Pac-10 and Mountain West; General Manager Jim Stack was at the Big Ten; scout Pete Philo was at Conference USA and scout Zarko Durisic at the ACC and Big East.

From Steve Aschburner/Star Tribune:
When Minnesota lost at Atlanta Saturday 99-93 despite the absence of Joe Johnson (right calf contusion), the Hawks' leading scorer, it was the ninth time it had been beaten by a team missing one of its top two or three players.

The Star Tribune also compiles a list of the games mentioned above.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Wolves Updates 3/11

Britt Robson/On The Ball on the loss to Miami and a commercial for Wolves season tickets shown during the game:
It shows an obviously hung-over dude staring into his open refrigerator. He shuts the door and we see Crunch standing there. The mascot has an airhorn in his hand and starts blasting it in the guy's ear. I think the punchline was "it's never too early" to sign up for season tix, but, ah, do you really want to liken entreaties for loyalty--without knowing if KG is even going to be around--with an airhorn at the bedraggled and benumbed crack of consciousness? That's taking truth in advertising too far.

From Steve Aschburner/Star Tribune:
Garnett has been frustrated lately with the referees, including Violet Palmer's changed call at Boston and repeated lane violations whistled against the Wolves Friday during Miami free throws.
"The refs didn't help us none," he said. "The last couple of games ... we're being as aggressive as any other team -- I feel like we're not getting the calls. We're going to the basket. I don't know what's going on."

Aschburner also discusses the Forbes' rankings which listed Kevin McHale as the #1 GM.

Coach Wittman on the number of technical fouls Ricky Davis and KG have collected this season:
"They're pretty much under control with that," Wittman said. "K.G., he very seldom gets a technical for arguing with an official. There's going to be instances where you lose (your cool). But I don't see that from any of our guys too much where they do that."

Coach Wittman said Mike James has not spoken to him about the frustration the player expressed on Friday regarding his role with the team:
"I don't think he would necessarily say he's having the greatest of seasons from a scoring standpoint, from a shooting standpoint, the ability to come in and get the team involved offensively," Wittman said. "It's really not, 'Hey, he's not shooting it well so we're going to do something else.' Getting into the offense has been an up-and-down thing."

Kobe Bryant on Garnett:
"It's tough whenever a player goes such a long time and doesn't win an NBA championship or have an opportunity to contend for an NBA title," Bryant said recently. "A couple years ago, they had the best record in the league. I feel for him."

Wolves 93, Hawks 99

From Steve Aschburner/Star Tribune:
What looked at halftime to be a game the Wolves (27-35) had in their grasp -- they led 50-44 -- slipped away in the second. Atlanta forward Josh Smith spread his 32 points evenly through the game but dominated late with defense and rebounds, and backup guards Salim Stoudamire and Tyronn Lue combined for 15 timely points after the break.

Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press recap

AP Recap

Box Score

Postgame quotes

"We're still searching to find an identity at this point, and yet we still have a chance to make the playoffs," Garnett said. "That's the crazy thing about it is that we're not playing our best basketball, and yet we still have a chance to make the playoffs."

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Wolves Updates 3/10

Stephen Litel (SportsPage Magazine, Wolves Hoops Blog) kicked off his new position as a writer on the City Pages Sports Blog with a recap of last night's game.

Charley Rosen/Fox Sports examines Garnett's performance in the loss to Miami:
For sure, Garnett was all-this and all-that and all-everything. But he simply lacks the sheer force, will-power, and clutch playoff performances that make an All-Star a franchise player.

Heat coach Pat Riley on Garnett not having "a real dominant sidekick":
"He's never had that over four or five years, and had that develop. He's had a lot of good players there, and he's always made it a very good team. So I'm sure he's probably pretty frustrated with it. But he'll have his day. He's still very young."

From Steve Aschburner/Star Tribune:
Wolves coach Randy Wittman said that NBA officials confirmed that the referees erred in Boston on Sunday and that Ricky Davis in fact had shot a three-pointer late in the first overtime. But the Wolves still had no recourse to appeal or change the outcome.

Mike James on his role with the team:
"It looked good," James, the former Heat point guard, said of signing with Minnesota, "but I just feel like it hasn't been a real good fit for me here. I don't think that it's a mutual (appreciation) of what I do or how I play on the court. But there's no excuses."

James added:
"All I can do is stay professional, and we'll just re-evaluate everything when the season is over with."

Sam Smith/Chicago Tribune on whether the Bulls would go after Pau Gasol or KG should the latter opt-out of his contract after next season:
I think the window for both has closed...And If Garnett walks away, I believe it is to L.A. He's not a classic low-post presence, anyway, but fits the Bulls' aggressive, defensive style. I don't see him choosing Chicago, but you never know with him as little he's done so far makes that much sense.

Kelly Dwyer/ puts Garnett at #3 in his weekly player rankings.

Assistant GM Rob Babcock with a scouting report.

A preview of tonight's game at Atlanta.

Wolves 91, Heat 105

Ira Winderman/Sun-Sentinel summed it up nicely in his notes on the game:
How the heck is this Minnesota team still in the playoff race?

Steve Aschburner/Star Tribune recap

Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press recap

AP Recap

Box Score

"We're all searching," Kevin Garnett said. "We're trying to get stops. We're trying to get some consistency here, and we're trying to get something going. It's not like we're gaining days here. We're running out of games."

The start of the third quarter was delayed 20 minutes because a half-time performer damaged one of the baskets which then had to be replaced.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Wolves Updates 3/9

Marko Jaric believes that Kobe Bryant elbowing him in the face during Tuesday's game was an "unintentional" move:
"First of all, to be a dirty player, you need to be dirty on defense," Jaric said. "I never heard somebody's offensively a dirty player. On defense, he's pretty legit. He's a good defender. I don't consider him a dirty player."

Coach Wittman on Bryant's one-game suspension:
"I think the league backed themselves in a corner," Wittman said. "If they didn't suspend him, people were going to say, 'Well, wait a minute. It's the same exact play (as the Ginobili incident). Why do you do it one game and not the next?' I don't think they had a choice but to suspend him. Was it the right decision? You can debate that."

Using figures that actually make sense, Forbes has owner Glen Taylor tied at #407 on its list of the world's wealthiest people. Taylor ranks third among Minnesotans on the list.

From Sid Hartman:
Citing a recent Forbes magazine article naming McHale as the top executive in pro sports, Taylor said: "The first two years we put it together, we had to change everything. Then, [for] about the next eight years, we had one of the better records of everybody. But now, the last two [seasons], we're struggling again, so it's hard to tell."

The NBA is a tough business, Taylor noted.

"Well, not only that, Kevin and I are just very close, and friends -- we're in a tough business, and it's whatever you've done lately that counts. I think we've done some really good things, and some things we stubbed our toes on."

Timberwolves rookie Randy Foye said that, even though he is in tough competition with veterans Mike James and Troy Hudson, they each have done everything to help him improve and that the competition for playing time has helped him.

Mike Trudell at the Timberwolves site talks to Fred Hoiberg and the Lakers' Ronny Turiaf about their friendship.

A preview of tonight's game at Miami.

While Trenton Hassell will miss the roadtrip because of a sprained ankle, Mark Madsen is expected to come back from his ankle injury to play tonight.

"We don't have many other choices," Wittman said. "So yeah, Mark is going to play."

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Wolves Updates 3/8

The Forbes' reporters who named Kevin McHale the #1 GM talk about their rankings:
"We're sports fans here," Gage said in a phone interview. "When we saw Kevin McHale shooting to the top of the list, we were scratching our heads."

"I think the results speak for themselves in that they are not what everybody would expect," Gage said. "They certainly don't hinge on anecdotal advice."

In response to his query yesterday, Mad Dog received a lunch invitation from the Jack Nicholson impersonator who was at Tuesday's game against the Lakers.

From Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press:
Randy Wittman said after Tuesday night's double-overtime victory against the Los Angeles Lakers that he will use "feel'' to determine the point-guard rotation. That means veterans Troy Hudson and Mike James could be interchanged with rookie Randy Foye at any time in the game.

KG on playing 51 minutes and 9 seconds, his second highest total ever, in Tuesday's game:
"I told [Coach Randy] Wittman, `Don't sub for me. Let me pass out,' " Garnett said.

Greg White/HoopsWorld on how "Garnett's teammates" need to play as they did in the win over the Lakers in order for the team to make the playoffs.

From Sid Hartman:
Randy Wittman said he hopes the Timberwolves' 117-107 double-overtime victory over the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday might be the start of something good for a team that has gone through a lot and has lost a number of close games.

Coach Wittman on the win:
"It's two games now that we've kind of played, from an offensive standpoint, the way I'd like to see us play," Wittman said. "Sharing the ball. Like I said to the team afterward, this is a team win."

From Charley Walters/Pioneer Press:
Timberwolves general manager Jim Stack is back in Minnesota after an 11-day, nine-country scouting trip to prepare for June's NBA draft. Stack watched players in Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Serbia and Israel.

Dime on the Knicks' Jerome James at MSG on Tuesday night:
Coming out of the locker room for warm-ups, Jerome was spotted by a group of kids, starting a round of, “Yo, that’s Mike James!” “Mike James, can I get an autograph?” “Mike James!” Jerome ran with it, turning around and saying, “Where’s Mike James?”

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

T-Hud explains Hudson's Law and how you can win his $50,000 chain

Mutoni at the Fanhouse has unearthed a gem of an interview with Troy Hudson.

T-Hud talks about travelling with a "fully equipped" studio while on the road with the team, the local hip hop scene, the "gift and the curse" of being in the NBA, and comparisons between rapping and playing in the league.

As Mutoni points out, one of the highlights of the interview is the player's response to how he deals with people "hatin on" him:

I will say “Hudson’s Law” which is, hate equal success equals hate.

The interview links to T-Hud's official site from which one is directed to Hudson's MySpace page where the following was recently posted:


It doesn't matter if you live in Miami, Seattle, Orlando, California wherever you live , If you are chosen I will personally fly you to wherever I decide to have the gran giveaway. I will personally present the winner with my Nuttyboyz Chain.

Readers are instructed to check his site for details, with no indication of whether the contest will be "register to win" or "beat an NBA player at HORSE." Either way, congrats to T-Hud for having the resources to get people excited about his rap career.

Kobe Bryant suspended for striking Marko Jaric

From Chris Sheridan/ESPN:
The NBA is suspending Lakers guard Kobe Bryant for Wednesday night's game at Milwaukee for catching Minnesota Timberwolves guard Marko Jaric in the face Tuesday night.

After getting his shot blocked by Jaric, Bryant flailed his arms and caught Jaric in the face with 58.7 seconds left in regulation Tuesday.

Check out the NBA Fanhouse for video of the incident.

Jaric doesn't think Bryant deserved a suspension:
"I haven't seen the replay, but if you ask me what I thought about the play when it happened, I don't think he did it intentionally, and I don't think players should be suspended for things that happen unintentionally," Jaric told "I think he was trying to draw a foul, and he swung his hand out to make it look dramatic, and he hit me by accident. He apologized right after."

Bryant was suspended in January for one game after a similar incident with the Spurs' Manu Ginobili.

Carnival of the NBA #42: The Late Nite Infomercial Edition

Make sure to check out The Hype at NBA Basketball And Other Unrelatedness as he hosts the latest Carnival of the NBA. It's a fun, easy way to see what's up around the basketball blogosphere.

Wolves Updates 3/7

From Kent Youngblood/Star Tribune:
The assistant city attorney informed Foye by letter that the citation he had been issued in connection with a Feb. 12 scuffle had been dismissed.

"I told everyone from the beginning what was going on," Foye said before Tuesday's 117-107 double-overtime victory over the Los Angeles Lakers. "And I know most people believed me. But a lot of people didn't. But the facts came out, so it's over and I'm happy."

From Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press:
Wittman said McCants suffered no setbacks to his surgically repaired right knee after playing a season-high 32 minutes at Boston. It was McCants' 15th game back.

Marko Jaric on getting his first start of the season in last night's game:
"It's been a long time," said Jaric, who started the first 46 games of last season, his first in Minnesota. "I have my chance to hopefully play good, stay in the lineup, hopefully win games. That's all I care about right now."

On Trenton Hassell's sprained ankle:
Hassell will be evaluated over the next two days before determining his availability for weekend road games at Miami on Friday and Atlanta on Saturday.

Mad Dog on his excitement over yesterday's win, his admiration of Brian Shaw, and his desire to get to the bottom of whether it was Jack Nicholson or merely an impersonator at the Target Center last night.

Jack McCallum/ on which player he'd rather have: Garnett or Dirk Nowitzki.

From Kevin Ding/OC Register:
There's no doubt that Garnett, in Year 11 of his career, still is bringin' it. By player efficiency rating, he is the league's No.1 player, ahead of Dwyane Wade, Dirk Nowitzki and Bryant.

But to what end? At plus-68, Garnett is the only player on his team besides ever-hustling Mark Madsen (plus-11) with a positive plus-minus ratio, which is calculated by monitoring the score when a player is on the court.