Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Wolves Tidbits

Tonight the Timberwolves face the Grizzlies for the first time this season. For this game, Grizzlies fans sporting beards -- real or fake -- similar to center Pau Gasol's will have a shot at a at a ticket voucher for Memphis' game against Dallas on Feb. 1.

Twolves donate $10,000 to Make-A-Wish foundation.

Garnett on Bryant's 81-point performance Sunday against Toronto: "I'd have fouled out. Not to hurt Kobe or anything, but I take a lot of pride in being a defender. What he did was unbelievable, but at the same time, as a defender, you've got to draw a line in the sand."

KG is one of the candidates for's best dressed ballers for Jan 17-Jan 23.

Even though a trade that would have sent Ron Artest of the Indiana Pacers to the Sacramento Kings fell through Tuesday, the Timberwolves still aren't in any talks for the controversial and inactive all-star forward.