Thursday, January 26, 2006

More On The Timberwolves

Christian Laettner, the currently unsigned former Twolf and super unpopular dude among bball fans in Kentucky, is being sued by a bank in Lexington for failure to make good on a $375,000 loan.

Casey reiterated his unhappiness at having Rashad McCants and Ronald Dupree joking with Pistons players in the waning moments of Tuesday's loss. "I'd rather see someone yelling at [a teammate] for not hustling instead of smiling and holding hands and having 'Kumbaya' [with an opponent]," Casey said. "It's a little thing, but it's a culture we're trying to build here."

Joe Dumars said that Flip Saunders was his only choice to replace Larry Brown as coach of the Pistons:
"I thought he would be a perfect match for our team. I know the personality of our guys. I felt like I had a good read on Flip, and I thought that the two of those, that that combination together would be a great combination."

The Art Of The Free Throw featuring T-Hud. This includes a video and his ritual.