Friday, January 27, 2006

Happy Birthday, Mad Dog!

Best wishes to Mark Madsen who is celebrating his 30th birthday tomorrow. Poor dude. It would suck to have that significant of a birthday trumped by others' trades and kidnapping charges. Below are excerpts from his blog regarding the trade.

From Mad Dog's Blog:
Today in Shoot-around KG looked at me and said, "Man, it's a hard day today." Kevin Garnett was close to both Wally and Michael and he is one person who really values friendships and relationships. I think Kevin is going to miss everybody who got traded.

When the dust settles I think this trade will be good for everyone involved. Ricky Davis is a great player who is emotional and very tough. I think the Target Center is going to like his style of play. Blount is long, skilled and a great shooter. Marcus Banks gives us yet another option at the point and Justin Reed is a tough, smart player who will be awesome off the bench. Watch for some Ricky Davis highlight reel dunks in the Target center!