Friday, January 27, 2006

McHale/Garnett After Loss To The Sixers

From The New York Post:

"McHale was real mad," said the hearing aide. "He jumped on the team for not finishing strong, for not being aggressive and for playing scared. He accused the team of playing not-to-lose instead of playing to win."

The wallop of McHale's expletive-deleted tirade was reserved for Garnett, at least that's the feeling he got. So he responded correspondingly. Already frazzled and frustrated by the ghastly loss and 13-point output on 5-for-15 inaccuracy (his lowest since New Year's night in Miami) and dismal production in the fourth quadrant, the last straw was a scolding.

"I ain't [bleeping] playin' scared," Garnett stormed. "I ain't [bleeping] playin' to lose. I ain't [bleeping] puttin' my head down. I'm [bleeping] tryin' as hard as I can every night."