Thursday, August 31, 2006

Wolves Updates 8/31

The Wolves signed forward Craig Smith.
The Timberwolves drafted Smith, a 6-7 forward from Boston College, in the second round (36th overall) of the 2006 NBA Draft. Smith averaged 17.6 points (.573 FG%) and 9.4 rebounds in 36 games (all starts) en route to capturing All-ACC First Team and AP All-America Third Team honors as a senior (2005-06). He finished his Boston College career as the school's all-time leading rebounder (1,114 rebounds, 8.6 rpg) and second all-time leading scorer (2,349 points, 18.1 ppg).

YaySports! posts the quiz that Sprewell was forced to take after being accused of strangling a woman during sex.

City Pages on three local athletes "as feared behind the wheel as on their chosen fields of battle."

One Yahoo fantasy writer thinks that Mike James could be "on the cusp of the top 10 fantasy point guards" this season.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Animated KG Videos

A new episode of KG's Funhouse entitled "Perro Loco" featuring Mark Madsen is up at the Timberwolves site. These videos are funny and so bizarre that one viewing won't suffice. Click here and then click on "KG's Funhouse" in the bottom left corner of the page to watch.

This one is a Japanese Nike commercial and has a cartoon Garnett "rapping" the music of Zeebra, "the originator of the Japanese hip-hop scene."

Milwaukee's Best Part II

Latrell Sprewell is under investigation for battery and possible sexual assault after accusations that he choked a woman during sex on his boat.

According to a police source, a 21-year-old female alleged that she and Sprewell were having consensual sex Tuesday aboard his yacht, "Milwaukee's Best," when Sprewell began to strangle her. Police allegedly observed red marks on the woman's neck.

Carlesimo wasn't available for comment.

Unfortunately for Milwaukee's Best, this is the second time this month the yacht and its owner have been in the news.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Carnival Of The NBA

Carnival Of The NBA #35 is up at Bench Renaldo. Mutoni compiled some very entertaining hoops stuff to keep us occupied during an otherwise boring period.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Wolves Updates 8/28

Sid Hartman writes that Glen Taylor isn't anticipating signing Reggie Evans.
About adding any new players to the team, Taylor said the hope is that some of the available free agents will learn that they can't get the big contracts they anticipate. In the case of Reggie Evans, Taylor expects him to wind up staying with Denver.

Taylor also clears up rumors about part of the team being for sale.
...he is not selling any of his interest in the team. He said that he had a friend who might be interested in buying out some of the limited partners, and if the friend doesn't do it, Taylor will. But Taylor is still going to run the show.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Wolves Over The Weekend

According to Sid Hartman, while Garnett has been working out "harder than ever this off-season" at the Target Center, Troy Hudson and Marko Jaric are the only two players who haven't been regulars at the arena.

To his credit, though not hanging out at the Target Center, T-Hud has been keeping busy. Someone dropped off a bunch of headbands advertising his label at a hip-hop fest last weekend (see above pic). Hopefully Jaric has an equally good excuse for his absence that involves hanging out in downtown bars.

Along with dutifully noting that KG "expects to have a great year," Hartman also says:
-The Wolves are still interested in free agent Reggie Evans.
-John Thomas is trying to get a spot on the team again after the Nets opted not to have him back.
-The team will be in Mankato for four days of training camp.

The Orlando Sentinel mentions to watch for Randy Wittman "to become head coach with the Timberwolves if Dwane Casey doesn't last."

From the Pioneer Press:
With nearly one-third of the Timberwolves franchise reportedly for sale, there's speculation that at least two of the major sports franchises in the Twin Cities might consider joint ownership groups.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Wolves Updates 8/25

T-Hud rumors from Charley Walters/Pioneer Press:
A little birdie says Timberwolves point guard Troy Hudson is reluctant to join teammates in informal workouts at Target Center this month because he wants to continue rehabilitating his ankle at his pace, not a Wolves pace he fears could be too demanding and cause another injury. Hudson plans to report on time for official training camp workouts that begin Oct. 1.

Hudson is guaranteed nearly $17 million for the next three years. Don't think the Wolves aren't trying to trade him.

The Wolves announced the television schedule for the upcoming season.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Wolves Updates 8/24

The Big Lead has compiled a recap of the events following Eddie Griffin's car accident.

Projections for betting on the NBA Rookie Of The Year. I don't understand the numbers but it appears that Foye and Brandon Roy were given equal, very favorable odds of taking the honor though Adam Morrison is the top choice.

The Pioneer Press reiterates that " it still appears a 30 percent share of the Timberwolves will be sold soon to a California investor."

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Notes from Sid

From Sid Hartman/Star Tribune:
The Timberwolves expected Troy Hudson, the rehabilitating point guard, to start working out at Target Center on Aug. 15. If you were around Target Center this week, you would find Kevin Garnett, Ricky Davis, Trenton Hassell and a number of other Wolves have been working out every day. But no Hudson, and if you check the calendar, today is Aug. 24. ...

According to Street & Smith's SportsBusiness Journal, Garnett at $18 million will be the fourth-highest-paid player in the NBA for the 2006-2007 season behind Shaquille O'Neal ($20 million), Chris Webber ($19.13 million) and Michael Finley ($18.61 million). ...

Wolves coach Dwane Casey left Wednesday to put on a clinic in Tokyo and take in the World Championships.

Wolves Updates 8/23

From the Pioneer Press:
Former Gopher Kris Humphries has been working out several times a week against the Timberwolves' Kevin Garnett in pickup scrimmages at Target Center. Humphries recently bought a house and yacht on Lake Minnetonka.

Dime interviews Craig Smith who is sure to be the last Timberwolf to brag about having a television in his car:
Dime: Have you bought anything big yet?
CS: I just got a Navigator … I call it my “Midnight Dub” edition. I kinda blackened everything out, from the wheels to everything in the interior. I got a TV in there, too.

Bid on this Skita game-worn Wolves jersey now because there can't be too many out there.

Thanks to 10,000 Takes for the link to this really ugly Twolves bracelet.

The Big Lead On A Potential Cover-Up In Griffin Case

Via True Hoop, a link to the Big Lead post on a potential cover-up in the Eddie Griffin story:

The most interesting note is this potentially blockbuster email from a reader. Just for the sake of argument (and because our lawyer told us to), we’re going to throw in “allegedly” a few times:

Those guys at Santana foods [allegedly] sell guns. The cops [allegedly] protect Santana Foods and get paid for it. Griffin probably never masturbated in his SUV. The cop and that guy at Santana’s [allegedly] tried to extort all that money and Griffin’s lawyer’s said no (that’s why he didn’t get a DWI. IT MAKES TOTAL SENSE. DON’T YOU SEE!!!). They’d rather defend him in court (duh, there are no other witnesses besides the Santana guy who the lawyers will prove tried to extort money from him). For chrissakes he must be on tape. That’s why the news story didn’t break until much later (the santana guy brought it to channel 4 after the failed extortion).

For whatever it's worth, a few weeks ago my friends and I were invited to a party in the same neighborhood as Santana. The host and his buddies had very similar allegations about the store.

A Letter To Sam Smith

Dear Mr. Smith,
I read your article on KG and couldn't stop stewing about it. It kept me up all night wondering how anyone in their right mind and someone who gets paid to write about sports (judging by all the KG trade rumors you concoct, I don't think you necessarily fall in the former category) could think Garnett has "gotten so comfortable with money and mediocrity" that he no longer wants to win.

My only response is to direct you to this TNT interview with KG that took place before the start of last season. The whole thing is worth watching but if you're short on time, I recommend skipping to minute 4, right before they have to stop rolling tape because the Ticket has started to cry. Then, either watch the rest or skip to minute 9 when Garnett discusses how much he hates to lose. No matter how many times I've seen this clip, it's still very difficult not to shed at least a couple tears when watching it. It also makes it impossible to think that KG has anything less than a strong desire and need to win

I know it's the offseason and there's not much going on now that Al Harrington has found a team besides WCOB, but to suggest about a championship that "we want it more than he does" is completely absurd.


Correction: I guess the interview took place during the season and not before last season.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Wolves Updates 8/22

SLAM posted video from the cover shoot for Kicks with Garnett, Tim Duncan, Chauncey Billups, Tracy McGrady and Gilbert Arenas.

Sam Smith wonders if KG has become comfortable with losing:
But rarely in the history of the NBA has a great player, or in the case of Garnett, a great talent, seemingly accepted being on an ordinary team so willingly. It makes Garnett one of the true enigmas of the NBA, the top talent who seems to accept failure so easily. And, yes, it’s a failure if you are Garnett and not even in the playoffs.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Kris Humphries Working Out With The Wolves

I work across the street from the Target Center and have seen Hopkins grad and current Raptor Kris Humphries walk out of the arena several times in the last few weeks. A few days ago, he ignored my very friendly co-worker Steph and I as we said hello. He heard, just kept walking.

Earlier today, I saw him yet again walking towards my work after leaving the Target Center. As there is so little Wolves news and no more Harrington to Minnesota rumors, I decided to try talking to him one more time.

Me: DUDE, what's up?
KH: Hey.
Me: (Holding out a piece of mail) Will you sign this for my friend Steph?
KH: Sure.
Me: Do you have a pen?
KH: No.
Me: Neither do I.
KH: I walk by here all the time so I'll sign it next time I see you.
Me: Yeah, but you ignored her the last time we said hi.
KH: I must not have heard you.
Me: You did, but whatever.
KH: (silence)

Me: (Pointing to his Raptors t-shirt) You excited to be playing with the Raptors?
KH: Yes.
Me: Have you seen the new uniforms?
KH: They have new uniforms?
Me: Yep. They look pretty sharp and much cooler than the Wolves uniforms.
KH: Do they still have purple in them?
Me: It doesn't look like it.
KH: (In a tone of exasperation and with some hand gesturing) You can't do anything with purple...

Me: Are you working out at the Target Center this summer?
KH: Yes.
Me: Who are you working out with?
KH: The Wolves
Me: Anyone in particular?
KH: The Wolves

That was pretty much the end of our uneventful conversation.

KG Bounce 07

SLAM reveals the cover for Kicks #9 featuring KG along with Billups, Arenas, T-Mac, and Tim Duncan.

While the other cover dudes talk about their upcoming shoes by using only terms like "comfortable" and "ankle support" (yawn...), here's what Garnett had to say about his, the KG Bounce 07:

The soles of the shoes have a South Carolina side and I have a Chicago side, and both those sides are just my way of saying thanks to the people that are on that shoe, the people who have been with me since day one, the people who have been through thick and thin with me. Rocky times, tough times, great times, the highlights, that’s just my way of giving a sense of appreciation to South Carolina and Chicago, because I really feel like without one or the other I wouldn’t be sitting here today. I am the way I am because of the things that I know, things that I’ve learned through those two avenues. I wanted to go for something that was different, because my last shoe I went for something that was more of a track shoe, because the Samoa is one of my favorite shoes and I wanted to sort of imply some of that in there. When it came to this shoe I wanted something different. They threw out the Gucci print — the GGGGG, the KKKKK, it was totally different. I love suede on leather. I love a comfortable shoe. I just don’t think a shoe should be build for basketball. I did that with the KG2 and I really wasn’t happy with just the basketball shoe. I like shoes you can rock with jeans. I like a lifestyle shoe.

Wolves Over The Weekend

Now that the Al Harrington to the Pacers deal is off, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the Wolves are among the teams who have "have picked up their pursuit" of Harrington.

From the Pioneer Press: Don't be surprised if an agreement is reached soon with a California investor to buy 30 percent of the Timberwolves.

RaptorsHQ wonders if Toronto is really better off without Mike James.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Wolves Updates 8/18

Ndudi Ebi signed a deal with the Mavericks. Can't decide if it'd be somewhat funny or just really depressing if Ebi, the guy we drafted, and Josh Howard, the guy we could have drafted, got a ring before KG did.

Ricky Davis was working with kids at a basketball camp in Vegas.
"I never had the opportunity growing up to meet an NBA player or go to a camp," said Davis, a guard with the Minnesota Timberwolves. "You learn a lot of lessons every day growing up and I hope I can make an impact on some of these kids. My message for them is to work hard on and off the court."

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Wolves Updates 8/17

Along with the competition between Randy Foye and Brandon Roy for rookie of the year, "the triumphant return of Kevin Garnett" is one of the top 10 things Rick Kamla can't wait to see next season.

It tore my heart out to see KG rested for the last two weeks of the 05-06 season. I didn't agree with the way that was handled and I never will, but life goes on, and explosive guards like Foye and Mike James are added in the offseason, restoring confidence and competitiveness to a once proud franchise. (I still can't believe my beloved Wolves have missed the playoffs two years running.) With Foye and James giving the Wolves a desperately needed shot in the arm, you're going to see a lot more of KG howling at the moon after and-ones and emphatically telling the Target Center faithful "this is my house". When KG believes, he morphs from beast to monster.

Click here for an chat transcript with Mike James. He is currently hosting a basketball camp in his hometown of Amityville, NY.

A Marin judge issued two arrest warrants for former NBA star Isaiah "J.R." Rider after he failed to show up for sentencing Wednesday.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Wolves Updates 8/16

Jim Souhan thinks that KG's Q&A with SLAM should have read like this:
My organization's an embarrassment, but I have to take some responsibility, too. I never developed into a fourth-quarter scoring threat. I can lead my team in terms of effort and work ethic and versatility, but my team can't throw me the ball in the clutch and know I'm going to make the big shot. When the Wolves signed me for about a billion dollars, they thought they were getting a Jordan. What they wound up with was a Pippen, and Pippen never won a championship when he wasn't riding on Jordan's cape.

Garnett is taking part in NBA TV's celebration of Wilt Chamberlain's birthday on Mon Aug 21.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Foye And Smith

Though not necessarily a good day to be a Minnesota rookie, #4 Randy Foye and #5 Craig Smith look pretty excited to be sporting the unattractive Twolves uniforms.

Check out the Basketball Jones for tips on taking the perfect rookie portrait.

Wolves Updates 8/15

Click here for a "Which NBA Player Are You?" test.

From the Pioneer Press:
If the Wolves don't end up with either Wright or Evans, John Thomas, a former Timberwolf and Gopher who has been playing with several Wolves in pick-up workouts daily at Target Center, could become a legitimate option.

Look for guard Trenton Hassell to be named a co-captain of the Timberwolves this season, joining Kevin Garnett in that capacity.

CBS Sportsline includes Mike James in a list of free-agent bargains:
James will put the ball in the basket, first and foremost. He'll provide energy and personality, and he'll be a solid mentor for some of Minnesota's younger players. In the fourth quarter, he won't leave Garnett stranded. That alone should translate into a few more victories for the Timberwolves. That means a happier Garnett, which is worth every penny, and then some.

To help entertain yourself during this boring period, you could always audition for the Blue Crew.

City Pages' Pete Scholtes reviews a slew of mixtapes along with "probably the only disc you'll find with both T-Hud and I Self Devine."

HoopsAddict wonders whatever happened to Rex Chapman.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Wolves Over The Weekend

Carnival Of The NBA #34- Movie Edition is up at Mavs Moneyball.

NBA Basketball And Other Unrelatedness draws a very humorous version of the NBA Alphabet.

The Wolves have made free agent Reggie Evans a $1.75 million dollar offer.

Garnett, along with Scottie Pippen and Dave Cowens, is one of only three players in NBA history to have led their team in all of the following in the same season: points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks per game.

Ndudi Ebi will be at Mavericks training camp competing for a place on the team. Hoops World thinks that Ebi should be "a pleasant surprise" for Dallas come October.

The Mavs on losing out on signing Mike James:
"That was a temporary setback," admitted Donnie Nelson, the general manager. "But we couldn't allow it to be the end of the world."

GC at Can't Stop The Bleeding promises to use the above photo to illustrate all posts Minnesotan.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Blount Hosts Basketball Clinic To Benefit Memorial Fund

Minnesota Timberwolves center Mark Blount will host a basketball clinic for children next week in Coconut Creek to benefit the Veronicas Memorial Fund, a nonprofit organization that promotes awareness of the hazards of vehicle back-over accidents.

The Veronicas Memorial Fund was established in memory of Veronica Rosenfeld, who at age 2 was accidentally backed over by a vehicle. The organization has lobbied for vehicles to have sensors and/or cameras that eliminate their blind zones and help prevent drivers from backing over children.

For information, call Arden Rosenfeld at 561-470-0707 or visit

Milwaukee's Best

Latrell Sprewell grounded his yacht, Milwaukee's Best, on Wednesday night. The police and coast guard worked on freeing it for a few hours but to no avail. They finally sent a tugboat in.

"We got Dan Anderson out with his fish tug, Jolene, and he pulled Latrell's anchor out, probably sometime between 1 and 2 p.m.," Guyer said.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

"I did not come to Minnesota to lose in this cold weather."

The Wolves held another season ticket holders luncheon at which McHale and Mike James discussed the team. In case you're wondering, they served "roast beef, mashed potatoes, salad, and perfectly smooth cheesecake."

McHale talked about the same old things. Though I wasn't there, I have to believe the most entertaining part of the lunch was when Mike James spoke. Below is a sampling of some of the stuff he said:

"This is a new season to be excited about. If nobody else gets excited, then they don't understand basketball."

"One person can help the chemistry and be the missing piece of the puzzle. I'm a winner. I'm a winner in my head. I'm a winner in my heart."

"I have the Ticket. Please stop biting your nails. We have a plan. Look at the Detroit Tigers. Why can't we be that? Being 5 down, we still believe we can win. Being up 10, we know we can win."

"I did not come to Minnesota to lose in this cold weather."

Wolves Updates 8/10

Rocky Mountain News On Reggie Evans:
Evans told the Pensacola News Journal he is considering the Nuggets, Cavaliers and Timberwolves.
But Minnesota can offer no more than its $1.75 million exception, so it might have to look at a sign-and- trade.

Mad Dog thinks that if the Cavs are "foolish enough" to let Drew Gooden go and he signed to the Wolves, "our front line would be unbelievable." Chris Mannix of predicts that Gooden could land here or with the Nets for a 2 year, $6 million dollar deal.

From the Mankato Free Press:
Timberwolves’ owner Glen Taylor said that a final decision has not yet been made on the location of his team’s training camp, but sources at Minnesota State said they understand that the team will practice here for a week in early October.

Lloyd Banks name checks KG on his new record:
"I got a TV the size of Kevin Garnett."
Not quite the props that Nelly Furtado gave Steve Nash but still amusing. (Thanks to JJ for the tip.)

You can check out another new song on T-Hud's myspace page.

The 8th Annual Trent Tucker Celebrity Golf and Poker Tournament. Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen are two of the celebrities expected to show.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

SLAM Interview With KG

Lang Whitaker interviewed KG for Slam a couple weeks ago and has posted excerpts on SlamOnline.

SLAM: Last thing, a couple of basketball things…you happy with the way things are going this summer for the T-Wolves?

KG: Um…need to make some more acqui…you know, some more transactions, man. I feel like getting Mike James was a start, but that’s not enough. We need some more solid players to contribute. We lost Marcus Banks. I don’t know if they’re going to re-sign J-Reed — he’s a hard worker who I learned to appreciate and gravitate to a little bit. (Note: The T-Wolves re-signed Justin Reed this week. — LW) And I think in order for us to get back in the race in the West, with the Mavericks, the Suns and Timmy [Duncan] now, the Spurs, we’re going to have to have a dominant team, we’re going to have to some guys that run, lay it down, know how to play the game, bring some more veterans in. But, we gotta make some more transactions man. I don’t think the summer’s over.

...I don’t regret too many things in life, I just wish that the Minnesota Timberwolves would work a little harder, or work as hard as I work in the summertime.
And if could change anything, I wish Stephon [Marbury] wouldn’t have left. That was Steph’s decision, that wasn’t me, but if I had any control over it…

Would you want to leave, if the T-Wolves don’t get better…
I got to…

…down the road somewhere?
…I got to. If you’re not working towards a championship, then why are we in this? I’m in it to win, man, I’m not in it to be coming back talking about next year. I’m 30. I’ve probably got 4 to 5 years, you know what I’m saying? My clock is ticking, man. I’m almost like a woman who’s trying to get pregnant. My years are limited, so my clock is definitely ticking.

Wolves Updates 8/9

Unrestricted free agent Reggie Evans says he'll sign with either the Wolves, the Nuggets, or the Cavs.
Evans said his biggest concern is a long-term contract, but moving into a good situation is important as well.

A $10,000 bench warrant was issued for Isaiah "J.R." Rider after he missed a court date on charges of cocaine possession. When Rider's lawyer was told about his client's failure to show, "even the attorney waxed sarcastic: "What a surprise!"

According to Hoopsworld, the team at some point offered Marko Jaric and Trent Hassell to the Nuggets in exchange for Kenyon Martin.

The Wolves might hold their training camp in Mankato this year.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Wolves Updates 8/8

Lorenzen Wright's deal with Atlanta won't be official until the Hawks complete a sign-and-trade with Al Harrington. Should the agreement between Wright and the Hawks fall through, the Wolves could still be in the running to sign Wright.

J.E. Skeets goes one-on-one with Eddie Griffin over at the Basketball Jones.

An older interview with Randy Foye on
Newark is tough. I grew up in the hood. Gangs, drugs, a lot of negative things happening. My father died when I was three, and my mom disappeared when I was 5 1/2. So I lived back and forth between my grandmothers. I will never forget where I'm from. That made me me -- made me so tough, so relentless.

Another article mentioning that Puerto Rican center Daniel Santiago is in talks with the Wolves. (Thanks to HoopsHype for the translation.)

10,000 Takes nominates Isaiah "J.R." Rider to the Minnesota Sports Hall Of Shame.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Wolves Over The Weekend

The Boston Herald reports that the Wolves have once again expressed interest in acquiring Al Harrington. However, Hawks GM Billy Knight is looking for draft picks in a deal, something which could prove to be a stumbling block for the team.

Free agent Reggie Evans still has an offer from the Wolves.

According to Charley Walters, the team believes the market for trades will be better next month than it is currently and it hasn't "given up" on making any more transactions. Sid Hartman says that McHale is still trying to get one more big man.

The Wolves are planning on McCants being out til January 1. In the meantime, you can pick up a Rashad UNC shirt at

Eddie Griffin is in Houston working with John Lucas "trying to get all of his personal problems worked out." Griffin has told the team that the allegations regarding his car accident "will be proven to have been blown way out of proportion once his story is told."

McHale says that T-Hud will work out for the team after Aug 15.
"Hudson has chose to rehabilitate under his personal trainer and we can't force him to do anything different," McHale said. "However, we hope to find him okay when he makes his appearance before the coaches."

Former Bucks assistant coach Bob Ociepka will be with the team this season.

Look for the Timberwolves to announce a restructuring of their front office, with job descriptions and responsibilities clearly defined.

Hakeem Olajuwon is running a Big Man Camp and Ndudi Ebi is taking part.
"I think Ndudi was too young, too unprepared for the NBA the first time," Olajuwon said. "Now I see stronger, more confident moves. I tell him something one day, and he comes back the next day and uses it. I think he's ready."

"Minnesota Hoops: Basketball in the North Star State" by Stew Thornley was recently published. KG is on the cover.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

More Wolves News

Agent Mark Bartelstein says the Wolves have expressed interest in former NBA center Daniel Santiago.
Santiago, 7 feet 1, 260 pounds, averaged 3.4 points and 2.1 rebounds in 122 career NBA games spread across four seasons with Phoenix and Milwaukee.
Santiago played in Spain last season and is currently playing for the Puerto Rican national team.

GM Jim Stack thinks T-Hud will finally workout for the team in late August.

Randy Foye, Eddie Griffin, and Bracey Wright along with Craig Smith are scheduled to attend a skills camp in Vegas this week.

The Wolves announced their preseason schedule.

Wolves Updates 8/3

The Wolves yesterday re-signed restricted free agent forward Justin Reed to a three year contract that put the team close to the luxury tax limit. GM Jim Stack said that no other team made Reed an offer.
"I think he really fit in with how we want to play," Stack said of Reed's hustle and versatility on defense.
Stack also said that they "remained open to making a trade if the right deal came along and said owner Glen Taylor has given his blessing to go over the salary cap if it helps the team return to the playoffs after a two-year hiatus."

Not including the ones shown on NBA TV, The Wolves are scheduled to have two nationally televised games this season compared to 10 last season and 17 the season before that.
"I think the national television schedule is put together around what the league at any given time considers to be the marquee matchups," Wolves President Chris Wright said. "The fact that we haven't made the playoffs is witnessed in what we have scheduled currently. However, as the season progresses, that schedule tends to change.... If we get off to a quick, hot start, that can absolutely change in a hurry."

Second round pick Craig Smith, unable to participate in summer league because of his injured wrist, has been cleared for some "pre-camp action" in Las Vegas.

The Wolves were one of the teams who looked into a sign and trade with the Hawks for Al Harrington.

Garnett was in L.A. recently filming an Adidas commercial with Gilbert Arenas, Chauncey Billups, Tim Duncan, and Tracy McGrady. He was also spotted hanging in a private room at "A-List" L.A. restaurant Mr. Chow.

CBS Sportsline give the Wolves an A+ for drafting Foye.

A YouTube video of KG dancing (via Twolves Central).

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mike James Day 2006

Slam/The Links has a recap of the second annual Mike James Day.

...But it was last year that Suffolk County, NY and James’s hometown of Amityville declared July 29th “Mike James Day.” To celebrate, he threw a block party in the park and courts he helped refurbish next to his childhood home — now officially The Mike James Courts at Bolden Mack Park.

So when the 29th came rolling around this year, James wasn’t going to let anyone forget whose Day it was. Organizing what can only be described as a Hoops & Cookout Picnic Party Jammapalooza, the second annual Mike James Day did it up with musical guests, inflated romper rooms for the neighborhood kids, three-point contests, a Knicks cheerleader autograph session and enough food to feed double the hundreds of folks who showed up.

“It’s the highlight of his summer, to come back here, spend time with the kids and do something special for the community,” said James’ agent Bill Duffy.

The host himself, sporting a fresh new no. 13 T-Wolves jersey and custom “Amityville Horror” Dunks, cruised through the crowd with a mic dropping everything from congrats for community workers to talkin’ trash with friends, including newly-minted Boston Celtic Allan Ray.

Wolves Updates 8/1

The NBA released the regular season schedule today. The Wolves open the season at home against Sacramento. The first Foye/Roy matchup comes on Nov 4 when Portland hosts the Wolves.

The New York Post on the Knicks pursuit of Jared Jeffries:
Isiah Thomas incurred no risk tying himself up with the offer and forcing the Wizards' hand. He's in no hurry to use his mid-level exception elsewhere. Plus, Thomas' offer sheet could be viewed as a favor to Jeffries' agent, Andy Miller, who also represents Kevin Garnett. The Timberwolves superstar could in the future demand a trade to the Knicks to reunite with Stephon Marbury.

Lowpost compiled a list of the most talked about rookies among NBA blogs and Randy Foye came out on top.

T-Hud's August tour schedule:
August 5th-6th -TJ’s DJ’s and Ozone Awards
August 9th – Ft. Wayne IN Performance with WNHT
August 10th – 13th Global Mix Show Retreat – Chicago IL