Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Updates Part II

The Philadelphia Inquirer on Eddie Griffin, the allegations surrounding his spring driving accident, his drinking, and John Lucas. McHale says about Griffin that "all his free passes are up" but that he has seen "positives and a lot of growth on Eddie."
Also from the article:
In a recent interview, Griffin would not comment about the suit or his conduct the night of the crash. Many alcoholics who have gone through recovery programs can pinpoint when they took their last drink. But when that question was put to Griffin, he avoided specifics.
"It was a while ago," he said with a laugh. "A long time ago."

Coach Casey says he won't insert Randy Foye into the starting lineup yet but does plan on giving him more minutes.
"It's hard to say how much," Casey said. "I don't know because it still depends on how Randy Foye plays. The last two games, he's been building that confidence and that trust just because of the way he played. I'm not just going throw him out there because he's Randy Foye and everybody wants to see him.

Britt Robson/City Pages recaps the game at the Rockets and has this to say about Mike James:
To be waffling on such a significant investment after such a short amount of time makes no sense. As I mentioned in my last trey, James hasn't exactly enjoyed the sort of career that gives him sustenance when the coach starts diddling with his minutes.