Sunday, November 26, 2006

Wolves Updates 11/26

Though Trent Hassell suggested Marko Jaric could better serve the team by replacing him in the starting lineup, Coach Casey says he likes Jaric coming off the bench.

Mad Dog, in his latest post, calls Sam Cassell one of his "all-time favorite teammates" and talks about the team's "up and coming future star in Randy Foye."
Composure is one thing that coaches can't teach and Randy Foye has it in spades.

Jaric on last night's win:
"I don't remember honestly," said Marko Jaric, when asked the last time he remembered when the home crowd was so loud.
"It was really emotional, so emotional. And it was so important for us."

KG on Foye's performance in the game:
"The kid has no conscience," Kevin Garnett said of Foye afterward. This is a good thing. "He doesn't think twice about taking over, shooting the shot. Sometimes you have to have that. ... It's a great win. This reminded me of a playoff game. It's a beautiful win for us."

Mike James has been scoreless the last two games.