Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mark Cuban- "He's a Toys R Us Kid"

About signing with Minnesota over the Mavs and other teams vying for him, Mike James said he felt the Wolves were "a little bit more serious about" him. Mark Cuban believes that James' decision was "all about the money, always was."

James and Cuban exchanged some "heated" texts this past summer. The Mavs owner "had questioned James' claimed desire to win" after he signed with the Wolves.

"Mark Cuban, that's my boy," James said. "He's a Toys 'R' Us kid. He don't want to grow up. He's cooler than the fan. But he's a Toys 'R' Us kid. And I ain't mad at him. He's old, he's wise, he's got a lot of money. But he's a kid at heart."

To which, Cuban said: "I like that."

Also from the Star Tribune:
Casey is the one facing the tougher challenge: How long to stick with James while he works his way back vs. turning to Troy Hudson or Randy Foye as more productive alternatives.
"Right now, we're trying to win games," Casey said. "It's tough to give up possessions just to get him going. I've tried to go with guys who are rolling."

NBA.com ranks Craig Smith at #4 in both the weekly and overall rookie rankings. Randy Foye is listed under the "noteworthy" category.

Steve Aschburner previews tonight's game at the Rockets.

From the Houston Chronicle:
Center Mark Blount has done so well against the Rockets with the Timberwolves and Celtics that Jeff Van Gundy assumed that Blount circles the Rockets games on his schedule in excitement.