Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hoopsworld Interview With Coach Casey

Bill Ingram at Hoopsworld interviewed Coach Casey about the season so far. Ingram also asked if there was any truth to the Garnett trade rumors.

"Absolutely not. You can talk to Kevin McHale, Kevin Garnett - everywhere we go people ask. Kevin is a loyal guy and I'm going to say there won't ever come a day (where KG is traded), but Kevin is a guy who's in Minnesota, he's loyal to Minnesota, and it's not a subject he's talked about since the season started."

Coach Casey elaborates by agreeing the rumors have become just "white noise" and that it's never speculation by the local media, but mostly by Sam Smith.

"Exactly - white noise. It's always that guy in the Chicago Tribune. I think he's writing pure fantasy. A lot of the deals you hear about - after a while you don't even read it. They don't make any sense."