Monday, November 27, 2006

Wolves Updates 11/27

Coach Casey on Mike James being held scoreless in the last two games:
"Mike's going to be OK," Casey said Sunday. "I trust his game. Right now, he's not shooting the ball the way he'd like to. He works on it consistently. You watch him working out (in practice), he knocks them down. Somehow, some way, he's got to find a niche in our offensive sets to get those same shots."

From the Dallas Morning News:
There have been whispers around the league that Garnett could be dealt if things do not go well for the Wolves this season. But the prevailing wisdom is that vice president of basketball operations Kevin McHale will be patient and give this group a chance to grow.

This run is just the third time Coach Casey has won three games in a row since being head coach.

According to Hoopsworld, every season there are a couple second rounders whose rookie cards send collectors scrambing to find them. The article states that this year, those players are Craig Smith and the Jazz's Paul Millsap.