Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Wolves Updates 11/28

Free Darko believes Craig Smith has given Wolves fans a reasons to watch their team again, saying that Smith has "the perfect qualifications for a fan favorite: good at rebounding, good at dunking, underdog exceeding expectations, and most importantly, FAT."

Jason at Lowpost interviews J.E. Skeets about the Basketball Jones. Those dudes deserve a ton of respect for getting up at 5am to recap the previous night's league action and discuss such topics as trading Garnett for their daily hoops podcast.

Tracy McGrady on Garnett:
"Me knowing KG, I know how loyal he is," McGrady said. "He's been there so long, he's stuck through everything that's been going on there. Everybody is talking about how he should demand things and get out, but he's a loyal guy."

The Rockets were also a team whose offer Mike James declined when signing with Minnesota.
Coach Jeff Van Gundy on James:
"I really respect Mike. I didn't like the decision he made this summer, but he made the decision he thought was in his best interests.''

Tracy McGrady on what he wants from James in tonight's game:
"We want Mike James to be launching,'' Tracy McGrady said. ``That takes away from Kevin Garnett. That will help us out. Any time there is a little controversy between a team and a player, guys want to come out and try to put up numbers. As long as we get the `W,' I don't care if he gets 50.''

Stephen Litel/SportsPageMagazine interviews Mark Blount. On stacking up to the league's other centers, Blount says, "I know I can hold my own. I’m not too worried about that." On his nickname Blizz, Blount says his teammates just started calling him "Blizzard" and it came from that.

James on his shooting slump:
"Once I get that Drano and figure out this mental blockage, where it's at... I'm going to continue to keep grinding," he said. "I won't make excuses for nothing. I hold myself accountable for everything I do, especially my performance on the court."

Britt Robson/City Pages recaps last night's game.

Coach Casey on Randy Foye's performance in the loss to Dallas:
"He's building trust in everybody," Casey said. "I thought his play got us back in the game."

Rick Kamla on Foye:
"Well, I've seen enough to know Randy Foye is the bomb. Question is, has Dwane Casey seen enough to give the budding superstar the minutes he needs and deserves? Dude has 15 and 17 points in the last two games, and he needs to be picked up at once."

Sam Smith proposes another Bulls/Garnett trade scenario.