Sunday, November 26, 2006

Updates Part II

Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press and Stephen Litel/City Pages recap last night's celebration. I can't believe that the one game I'll probably miss all season had to be the most exciting game since the team last made it to the playoffs. I'm never going home for the holidays again.

From the Pioneer Press:
Cassell said Garnett keeps quiet about the situation in Minnesota.
"He's all right," Cassell said. "Kevin ain't going to complain too much. Kevin's going to be Kevin. He's never going to complain about too much of anything. He's going to make it a game of poker. He's going to play the hand that he was dealt and play it to the best of his ability. That's one thing I respect about him."

Cassell on being traded by the Wolves:
"I don't hold grudges," Cassell said. "What's done is done. But to blame me for our faults, the year after I helped take this team to the Western Conference finals (in 2003-04) when I was injured, was totally uncalled for. I'm over it now.

Paul Shirley on his Iowa State connection with Fred Hoiberg.
"Knowing Fred," Shirley mused, "really came through for me, didn't it?"

From the Star-Telegram:
There are whispers within the Mavericks' organization that they're glad they weren't able to come to terms with then-free agent guard Mike James this past summer. James would have used up the Mavs' entire $5.1 million mid-level exception. Instead, the Mavs were able to split it and sign both Greg Buckner and Devean George.