Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More McCants Poetry

Courtesy of Wolftracks the magazine, another poem from Rashad McCants that hangs on walls in the St. Joseph Home For Children library and in the St Paul YWCA Reading and Learning Center. The Wolves FastBreak Foundation recently renovated both rooms.

Can't Hold Me Down
by Rashad McCants

Am I trapped in the wardrobe,
no lion no witch. No clothes no doors.
Just a light.
and that shining light under the door,
is a star to be born,
a man no longer a boy...
But if that door is locked and that key is lost
then that star isn't a star.
That star is a light under the door,
just another light under another door.
Shine light shine.
But only for so long you ignore that sound,
of a hungry blood hound.
Scratching, clawing, biting through that door,
He's going to get to the other side
even if he has to burst through the floor.
Denying his presence
makes him hot like the earth's core,
It's unbelievable doubt on the other side
but he's screaming doubt some more.
It's scary to see the destruction he'll do
when he got through the door.