Saturday, November 25, 2006

Wolves Updates 11/25

A preview of tonight's game against the Clippers.

Trent Hassell thinks Marko Jaric should be starting in his place:
"Maybe that's something they need in the first unit," Hassell said. "I'm out there to play defense, but that's about it. He brings offense, and he plays defense. He's just playing real well."

Chris Mannix/ takes a look at Coach Casey and other coaches in the hotseat. He believes possible replacements for Coach Casey are Randy Wittman, Jim O'Brien, Marc Iavaroni, Larry Brown, and Phil Johnson.

College Wolf compares the Timberwolves to different "types of chicks."

KG on Ricky Davis:
"Rick's a scorer," forward Kevin Garnett said. "I think that's what floats his boat. When Rick's energized, we get everything out of him, not to say that we don't when he's not shooting the ball well. The one thing I loved is that he kept attacking. We feed off that."

Coach Casey on the D-League:
"I'm sure there are a lot of teams that are not sending guys down," Wolves coach Dwane Casey said. "With us not being at [the roster maximum of] 15 and with Bracey being here, I think that's the right thing for us right now. Randy, we want to develop. So I don't see any situation to send any guys down."