Saturday, November 25, 2006

Wolves 104, Clippers 96

Dr. Boss provided me with updates on tonight's game because I am out of town. Since he is not normally inclined to use the term "holy cow," I can only assume I missed an amazing game. The text messages he sent are below. Game started a little after 7:00pm CST.

At 8:54pm- Foye looking sweet tonight. Losing though 81-75

At 9:15pm- Holy holy holy cow! This game is too much!

At 9:23pm- Holy cow! Best Wolves game in two years! Foye's coming out party. Marko will also start from today on. KG looked most pumped tonight since MVP.

Garnett said tonight reminded him of a playoff game and that it was a "beautiful win" for the team.

AP Recap

Box Score

Foye scored 14 of his 15 points in the fourth quarter, rallying Minnesota to a thrilling 104-96 victory over the Clippers.

Foye had scored just 14 points in his previous five games, but was by far the best player on the court when it counted on Saturday night.

"I've been kind of waiting for this," Foye said. "I just wanted the chance to do what I did in college, have the ball in my hands and make plays."

"I think you saw a young man, Randy Foye, grow up tonight and become the player we knew we drafted," Casey said. "He showed some stuff tonight."

The jaw-dropping performance stole the show from Cassell, who was dominant for the first three periods.