Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Garnett trade updates

Marc Stein/ESPN on how owner Glen Taylor is a "much bigger culprit in Minnesota" than Kevin McHale:
Taylor is the enabler who has kept the overmatched McHale in the job for so long.

Taylor is the confrontation-fearing boss who, according to some team insiders, doesn't keep close enough tabs on his ballclub to understand how big the mess is.

Taylor is the final-say decision maker who waited and waited and waited for a "Trade me" demand from Garnett that was never going to come, refusing to take the initiative when it became clear that moving KG and starting over was in the Wolves' best interests at least a year ago. All because he was hoping Minnesota's favorite son would bail him out by asking out first.

From Al Iannazzone/North
Earlier this off-season, Minnesota rebuffed a Nets' offer that included Richard Jefferson, Nenad Krstic and Marcus Williams for Garnett.

From Frank Isola/New York Daily News:
Dallas, Chicago, Cleveland and the Lakers all made last-ditch efforts to acquire Garnett before losing out to Boston. The Knicks were told last month that they didn’t have the assets to land Garnett, which has to be a bitter pill for Thomas to swallow.
It also didn’t hurt the Celtics that Danny Ainge and Kevin McHale have been boys for years. The joke among league GM's is that McHale only talks to two or three executives and in fact this is the second major deal McHale has orchestrated with his old team.

Gilbert Arenas on KG to Boston:
It’s going to be …

The writers at Hoopsworld react to the trade. Jonathan Feigen at Hoopsworld on KG's legacy:
The next stage of his career should not define him, but it might just clarify what he has done to those focused on what he has not.

A member at Armchair GM analyzes the trade.