Wednesday, August 01, 2007

On Boston's Kevin Garnett

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From Howard Ullman/AP Sports:
The Celtics, who have 16 championships but have gone without one for more than two decades, obtained the former MVP and 10-time All-Star on Tuesday in a 7-for-1 deal -- the NBA’s biggest trade for one player.

Marc Stein/ESPN on Garnett's deal.

Keith Reed/Boston Globe on Celtics ticket sales:
While most are talking about the huge bet the team placed by trading five players and two draft picks to secure Garnett, KG was already helping them at the cash register to the tune of nearly $2 million worth of new tickets sold on Monday alone -- before a deal with Garnett was even confirmed by the team.

From Steve Bulpett and Mark Murphy/Boston Herald:
In a rather amazing turn of events, Boston has suddenly become a desirable city for NBA free agents. Agents for legitimate veteran players were actually calling the Celtics [team stats] yesterday, looking to place their clients in Boston as news of Kevin Garnett’s arrival spilled out further.

From Tony Massarotti/Boston Herald:
Seriously, now that Garnett has arrived, what American sports city has the kind of headliners that Boston does? New York? Los Angeles? Chicago? No, no, no.

From John Hollinger/ESPN:
Can the Celtics compete for a title with the triumvirate of Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce? Seems like they should, right? But if they're going to, Danny Ainge's work is far from done.

From Slam Online: seems apparent that—without playing a game or even practicing with the team—KG is already the best No. 5 in the history of the Boston Celtics.