Wednesday, August 01, 2007

More trade reaction

From Jim Souhan/Star Tribune:
With this trade, McHale has effectively taken responsibility for his misguided stewardship of the Wolves by trading the only franchise player in franchise history. Now one Kevin should follow the other out of Target Center.

Sid Hartman on the newest Wolves:
These players couldn't win in Boston, where they played alongside a superstar in Paul Pierce, much like the Wolves couldn't win the past few years despite having a superstar in Garnett.

From Patrick Reusse:
What KG demanded from himself over the past month was to take another look at the Boston situation and the chance to win. And when he thought about Allen and Paul Pierce being there to help with the heavy lifting, he took the plunge.

Tom Powers/Pioneer Press writes that "this seems like a good time" for Garnett to leave.

From Mike McFeely/In-Forum News:
We knew Kirby Puckett and, we can safely say, Kevin Garnett was no Kirby Puckett. Heck, we’re not even sure he was Randy Moss.

From Dan Barreiro/KFAN:
All this deal does is cement the symmetry: The Ostrich didn't know how to support and complement his (flawed) superstar, and in the end, he didn't know how to trade him, either.

Real GM give the Wolves an "A" for the trade. The site also analyzes the incoming players and posts on the "Sad Day In 'Sota."

Bill Ingram/Hoopsworld also looks at the team's latest arrivals.

From Charley Rosen/Fox Sports:
But, with a core of talented youngsters and the extra first-round draft picks, at least Minnesota now has a future.

The trade also buys some honeymoon time for Kevin McHale. The wolves in the local media and fan base will stop howling for his hide — at least for a while. And given that Garnett's tenure with the T-Wolves had become untenable, McHale got the best return possible.

Former coach Chuck Daly and George Gervin on the trade.