Thursday, July 19, 2007

Updates Part III

Tom Elliott /St Cloud Times on the Timberwolves caravan:
All on the caravan were equally happy with the news that Kevin Garnett, the Wolves’ resident superstar, would be returning. At least, that’s what owner Glen Taylor said in the Twin Cities newspapers on Wednesday.

“We’re very happy to have Kevin back,” Hoiberg said.

On questions posed to Ricky Davis:
Another: If you don’t see yourself winning a championship with the Timberwolves, would you like to be traded?
“Yes,” Davis said.
He quickly added that he wanted to win a championship with the Wolves. Later, he admitted it was a good question.

John Hollinger/ESPN lists the Wolves as one of this offseason's losers:
Obviously, this ranking goes to No. 30 if they deal Kevin Garnett and start over. In the meantime, their moves to date don't exactly get my heart racing. A lot of draftniks liked Brewer but I don't see him as more than a role player -- he's a poor shooter and a poor dribbler, which makes me wonder how he'll score more than 10 points a game or so. And in terms of 2007-08 impacts, Brewer just adds to the Wolves' hordes on the wings, along with Ricky Davis, Marko Jaric, Trenton Hassell and Rashad McCants.

As for Howard, he filled a need because Minnesota's frontcourt was a mess, but the trade of James leaves an arguably larger void. The point now looks to be split between the moderately capable hands of Randy Foye and the utterly incapable ones of Troy Hudson...

Tim Kawakami/Mercury News on Garnett "spending an awful lot of time in California this summer":
Does it mean he plans a permanent re-location away from Minnesota and into Arnold’s Kingdom? Not necessarily.
Does it mean it gives us plenty to talk about as we wait and wonder about a potential KG/Warriors trade? Yes.
Especially since Garnett seems to be spending so much time in the very immediate vicinity of Baron Davis, who can be a slightly persuasive fellow.

Hoopsvibe gives Kevin McHale a B+ for his draft history.

Jason Fleming/Hoopsworld with a Wolves summer league recap.

Jon Laging/Albert Lea Tribune on questions about the team.