Thursday, July 19, 2007

Glen Taylor on KFAN

Wolves owner Glen Taylor was on KFAN with Chad Hartman this afternoon. You can listen to the interview here.

On when the team decided they would listen to trade offers involving Kevin Garnett:
Taylor said that towards the end of the season, when they realized the team wasn't playing well and wasn't going to make the playoffs, they decided they had to look at all the options.

On when Taylor let Garnett know about the trade talks:
In the middle of the trade talks, after a few teams had called about Garnett and the media started reporting various rumors, Taylor said he called Garnett and told him not to worry too much about the rumors and that they would keep him informed.

On whether Taylor feels a responsibility to keep Garnett aware of the trade talks:
Taylor said he has a good relationship with the player and feels comfortable the two can talk and keep the conversation in confidence.

On the rumors of Garnett going to the Celtics:
The owner said Boston was one of the teams with whom they were talking but that it never got to a point where it was a "should we or shouldn't we" situation.

On reports that Andy Miller, Garnett's agent said his client wouldn't go to Boston:
Taylor said he didn't know if Miller was serious or if it was a negotiation tactic.

On the status of Garnett trade talks:
Trade talks have slowed down throughout the league, Taylor remarked, and if talks did start up again, they would wait til most of the teams have their signings done so the teams know where they stand.

On whether the Garnett trade talks could cause issues if Garnett does indeed return next season:
Taylor said he didn't think that would be the problem. He says he told Garnett the team was going younger and that, though Garnett told him he could groom the players, the issue could be whether Garnett sees it in his best interest to stick around. If KG thinks the team is two years away from being a winning team, he could come to the conclusion that it's better for him to go to a team closer to winning a championship.

On potential moves:
The team would look at possible trades first. After those decisions were made, then they would look at the free agent market. Taylor also said the team would probably make a trade before the season started.

On the decision to fire Dwane Casey and hire Randy Wittman:
Taylor said he still thinks it was the right decision but was surprised with the results. Said Wittman and McHale brought up team chemistry as an issue. Said that Wittman didn't feel like he could get the players to play together as a group as there were too many individual concerns on their part.

On whether he enjoys owning the team:
Said he has no interest in selling the team and hasn't talked to anyone about it. He said he's now very involved and determined to start putting together a younger, more successful team on the court.