Tuesday, July 17, 2007

KG trade rumor updates

Ryan Kibbe/KSTP talks to Coach Wittman about the team's young players as well as the Garnett trade rumors.
Nothing is official. In this league anything can happen. We've seen it throughout the years in sports. I don't want to sit here and say anything is official, because as soon as you do that, something happens. But I have to go forward and think that Kevin is going to be here and I want Kevin here.

From Sean Deveney/Sporting News:
There's no question that, last month, the Timberwolves were as open as they've ever been to trading Garnett. But here's the problem in Minnesota -- owner Glen Taylor is a nice guy and an incurable optimist. (That's why Kevin McHale still has a job.) Garnett is loyal and has not pushed for a trade. He's one of the rare players who feels a responsibility for cleaning up the team's current mess, not looking for the "trade-me" cop-out. Adding a wrinkle is Garnett's enormous, $20 million contract. "They should make a deal," says one league source. "It would be good for everyone. But Glen is always going to look at the roster and think he has a chance, even if he doesn't, even if it is obvious they need to rebuild. So there's never going to be a mindset of, 'We have to trade Kevin.' "

From Stephen Litel/Downtown Journal:
Either way, I believe it is time to see that guy we used to know again. If Garnett were to publicly state that he does indeed want to be traded to another franchise or if he were to sign a contract extension, in essence stating that he will be with the Timberwolves for life, he would rejuvenate a fan base in desperate need of rejuvenation.