Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Wolves Updates 7/17

On Yahoo! Sports' list of the Vegas summer league winners are Craig Smith (His improvement should help give Minnesota a chance to be a playoff team) and Randy Foye (He should be a star in the near future).

Corey Brewer made the site's list of summer league losers:
He is a good, all-around player but disappointed in Vegas.

From Kent Youngblood/Star Tribune:
Wolves rookie forward Chris Richard suffered a slight groin pull slipping on a wet floor during an NBA summer league game Saturday in Las Vegas. The Wolves' second-round pick last month out of the University of Florida, Richard could have played in the team's summer league finale Sunday but was held out as a precaution.

Get Garnett with a summary of Marc Stein's comments about Garnett on the Jim Rome show yesterday.
One exec, whom I trust implicitly, said “I know for a fact that MIN still wants to move KG before the season starts.” They really wanted to do it before the draft. Wanted Noah badly. Likelihood is that they do something…because how do you bring Garnett at this point? …KG finally does want to leave now, even though he won’t ever come out and say it … his trust in management has eroded …Taylor/McHale will be back and KG won’t want to work with them anymore …