Thursday, July 19, 2007

Updates Part II

From Jerry Crowe/Los Angeles Times:
But with Jessica Simpson's ex on tour, Blake had to make do Tuesday night with a crowd that included Kevin Garnett, Baron Davis, Serena Williams and U.S. women's soccer team defender Heather Mitts, a.k.a.'s "Hottest Female Athlete" of 2004….

BTW, tennis observers report that Garnett didn't look amused when he was shown on the video screen and public-address announcer Ted Sobel intoned, "There's a team in purple and gold that could use you."

Stephen Litel has introduced a "Minnesota Basketball Talk" community at his site.

From Paul Ladewski/Courier News:
Veteran forward Joe Smith had only one regret about his decision to sign with the Bulls as a free agent.
Former Minnesota Timberwolves teammate Kevin Garnett didn't come with him.
"I wish," said Smith, whose arrival, along with the return of forward Andres Nocioni became official Wednesday. "That would be nice."