Sunday, December 03, 2006

Wolves Updates 12/3

A preview of today's game at the Sixers.

Steve Aschburner/Star Tribune and David Aldridge/Philadelphia Inquirer wonder why people both feel sorry for Garnett and think he deserves to win a championship. Aschburner finds it "a little creepy." Aldridge echoes his sentiments but says that KG deserves credit as he's someone "who honors the game by playing his heart out, right where he is, not where he'd like to be."

Steve Kerr answers that "People in the NBA feel sorry for him because they love him."

Mad Dog on team morale:
"We're not in a panic mode, we're not in a 'feel sorry for yourself' mode," Madsen said. "We're in a 'hey, time to strap it on, lace up the shoes and go out there and work' mode.
"Hard work guarantees you nothing in this league, but without hard work you don't stand a chance. We're working hard right now."

Pistons Weblog on Mike James:
His role in Minnesota has dropped considerably in recent weeks, to the point where he’s splitting time with rookie Randy Foye, who has actually played more minutes than James in two of the last three games. You’re not going to hear much from Mike Boogie on being unhappy. But I gotta believe for the right price, he can be had. And for Minnesota, stripped of all those first-round picks because of the Joe Smith scandal, could do themselves a lot of good by getting a pick from Detroit and a player, possibly Flip Murray or Carlos Delfino. And while Mike won’t be thrilled with the idea of being a backup again, he’ll have a chance to win AND get his money, which is about as good as it gets for an NBA player.

Andre Snellings/Yahoo believe the Wolves are a "microcosm for a lot of fantasy teams."