Saturday, December 02, 2006

McCants Returns To Practice

On Thursday for the first time this season, Rashad McCants took part in "much of the team's practice."

"After five months of not playing basketball, getting involved now is definitely rewarding," he said Friday after the team's morning shootaround, in which he also took part.
"I still kind of feel like Casper the Ghost. Not involved with the team at all, not even in team chemistry on or off the court. I think the first part of recovering is being part of the team again. And being able to have an opinion or a say in what's going on. That's probably the hardest thing for me, because I talk a lot."

Coach Casey and McCants did not give a timeframe for the guard's return, but McCants "estimated his physical readiness at '85 percent'" and said that, "given another month, another month-and-a-half, there will be plenty of time to find out where I am explosionwise."