Saturday, December 02, 2006

Wolves 92, Nuggets 106

Even when full to capacity at over 19,000, the Target Center remains a relatively innocuous place during Wolves games. In typical midwestern fashion, any reaction is always in moderation. The loud, echoing boos TWICE during last night's sparingly attended game made it abundantly clear that 1) the team's performance was terrible and 2) the fans are beyond fed up.

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Britt Robson/City Pages had this (and more) to say about the team:
In tonight's 106-92 loss to the Nuggets (and the game wasn't that close), the Wolves again proved to be better on paper than they are on the court. Fifteen games into the season, this is a squad where the roles and the substitution patterns are simply too whimsical. Do the substitution patterns cause the pieces to be ill-fitting, or are the ill-fitting pieces fostering too many substitution patterns? Whether it is the chicken or the egg, the team is underachieving.

Marko Jaric provided one of the lighter points of the evening by entering the game wearing his jersey backwards, but there was no humor in the things he had to say after the game.

"Whatever's bad in this team needs to stay in our family and between us. But like I said, it's very tough."
Someone asked, can it be hashed out among them in a meeting?
"We did have meetings," Jaric said. "We've talked enough. We've talked enough. I think we need to make some changes now."

To read what Coach Casey had to say about the loss, click here.

While obviously commendable, this stat was probably not enough to save the rest of KG's night:
Garnett reached double figures for the 337th consecutive game, the ninth-longest streak in history. He's one game away from tying his own record (338), set between October 1997 and February 2002.