Friday, December 01, 2006

Scoop Jackson Rips Off YaySports

Our dear friend the Cavalier at YaySports! works overtime to entertain his fanbase by bringing them daily NBA news with a very humourous slant. One of his most well known and loved creations is giving the new league basketball a persona as the "Orange Roundie."

Imagine everyone's surprise and chagrin when coming across Scoop Jackson's latest ESPN column and seeing that Scoop had written about the new ball, saying that "a Web site gave me a nickname. They call me the Orange Roundie." Yes, the very same Orange Roundie that the Cavalier had invented months ago. No link, no credit, no nothing. On top of that, the "Orange Roundie" about which Scoop writes is nothing but a bastardization of the real thing.

After being called out on this, Scoop tells Deadspin that, "I actually thought I was giving them some love." Showing love = giving credit. "Giving them love" does not mean taking the Cav's creation, altering it, and not mentioning where the idea came from until after being confronted about it.

For a history of the real Orange Roundie, click here.