Saturday, December 02, 2006

Wolves Updates 12/2

Rashad McCants on his first practice this season:
"There's never been a thought in my mind that I wouldn't play again this season."

The team's physical therapist said "it is better to be cautious with McCants' recovery."
"I think he's entering training camp," Deloya said. "His lean body mass is amazing. He's at playing weight. He's been working out really hard. He just isn't playing basketball yet."

Nuggets coach George Karl on KG:
"I don't see a player play with as much intensity and professionalism and perfection," Karl said. "Right now, I think Kevin Garnett probably isn't as talented as he once was. But his efficiency on the court is incredible. He almost plays the game with a perfectionist's mentality.
"In basketball, if you play 70 percent of your possessions well and make mistakes on 30 percent, you're on the court. This guy, he doesn't make mistakes. I don't know if I ever remember seeing a player like that. Watching him on film is seeing a clinic."

On Thursday night, Ricky Davis awarded 20 fans (it was initially going to be just 5) with sets of season tickets to be part of his Get Buckets Brigade. With the way things have been going this season, especially for Davis, I can't think of anything more irritating and mocking than fans "rapping, dancing, banging on drums and sporting throwback jerseys and face paint in the section dubbed the ‘Get Buckets Brigade.’"

Though the Grizzlies' Rudy Gay took the honors, Craig Smith was a nominee for the Western Conference rookie of the month.