Thursday, November 30, 2006

Mr. Fourth Quarter

Though I think it has a nice, endearing ring to it, there has been some talk on the message boards about wanting to come up with a better nickname for Randy Foye than Young Fella, the name by which KG and at least some of his teammates refer to the rookie. Now Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press has dubbed Foye "Mr. Fourth Quarter," saying fans have started seeing why the team believes he'll be "Mr. Great Player."

"Just like Jermaine O'Neal and all them guys, I wait for my turn," Foye said. "People who say that (I should start), they really don't know. They're just trying to build up a stir."

Stephen Litel/SportsPageMagazine believes about Trent Hassell that "it's time to shut him down completely for a while" in favor of starting Marko Jaric and having Justin Reed come off the bench.

Mutoni says he's done feeling sorry for Garnett.