Sunday, April 09, 2006

Mad Dog Hearts KG

From The Star Tribune:
At the morning shootaround in Charlotte on Tuesday, the Wolves were having a spirited debate on the merits of Florida big man Joakim Noah, who led the Gators to the NCAA men's championship the night before. There were strong opinions on both sides as to whether Noah, if he came out, would be a first-round pick, in a boisterous argument that seemed largely recreational.

Finally, one player tried bringing the banter to a halt: "C'mon, Mad Dog was a first-round pick!" As in, if Mark Madsen could be taken in the first round (No. 29, Lakers, 2000), then surely this young, defensive-minded 7-footer match that when the time comes.

Kevin Garnett, at that point, made it clear he had Madsen's back. "Mad Dog has two rings, y'all! Dog has two rings!" he said, noting the two championship teams on which Madsen played in Los Angeles.

Asked about Garnett, Madsen didn't hesitate. "In terms of players in this league who command respect in all circles, from sponsorships, ownership ... there's probably two other guys in the echelon with Kevin Garnett, in respect from peers. That's something, through his hard work and the way he treats people, he has earned. You should see the rookies, the vets, how they go to Kevin Garnett with personal issues, for advice, with basketball questions."