Tuesday, April 04, 2006

McHale Loves Cribbage

The Wolves lost to the Bobcats in Charlotte tonight.
"I think you have to have a focus on the road, a mental toughness on the road, that I think we're trying to find," said Minnesota coach Dwane Casey. "That's the story of our season."

Britt Robson's article on Kevin Garnett is an awesome but depressing piece on the future of the Wolves:
But regardless of how specious or cynical the campaign has been to pry KG away from Minnesota, it wouldn't have caused a ripple if bad luck, penalties from an illegal contract, and a long string of idiotic personnel moves hadn't combined to sabotage the future of this franchise—with or without Garnett on the team. Because the dispiriting bottom line behind all the trade talk is that, now and for the next three to four years, the Timberwolves are screwed whether they trade KG or keep him.

Click here for an interview with Garnett in which he discusses the team, Kobe, and who should be MVP.

Coach Casey on T-Hud who probably will not be back this season:
"Once he gets back and gets healthy, he won't [be at a disadvantage from playing so little]," Casey said. "You don't lose the experience he has. He's playoff-tested. He just needs to get his body right, physically ready to endure 82 games."

From C.J./Star Tribune:
Word has is that Timberwolves operations veep Kevin McHale spends a lot of time playing cribbage -- when some would argue that every second of his workday should be devoted to improving this sorry team.
"He's not going to call you back, and he doesn't spend that much time playing cribbage," a McHale assistant said Monday.