Friday, April 07, 2006

The Wolves Host The Jazz Tonight

KG and Ricky Davis on playing fewer minutes for the season remainder in order to give more playing time to their less experienced teammates:
"Fine with me," the All-Star forward said Wednesday, after playing fewer than 32 minutes for only the fourth time this season. "Let some of the young guys get some reps. Get some game experience. And I can rest these bones."

Davis, in the disappointment of the last-second defeat, seemed less thrilled. "I think lately we've been playing a lot of young guys, taking a look at people and seeing what's going on," he said. "But I'm out there to win games; I'm not out here to baby-sit."

...I've got to come out sometime," Garnett said, adding: "We've got to find a way to mesh -- when Ricky's out, I'm in or when I'm out, Ricky's in, so we have some leadership out there."

Mad Dog has replaced Richie Frahm as the Wolves' players union representative.

The Wolves will wear their blue jerseys tonight at home rather than the standard white. It's a tie-in with the team's "True Blue" marketing slogan this season.

Szczerbiak will miss the rest of the Celtics season due to surgery on an injured knee.

The Timberwolves host the Jazz tonight in a game to which none of the many, many people I asked wants to accompany me, free ticket/Big Ticket or not.