Friday, April 07, 2006

Mad Dog On MySpace And Immigration Laws

After reading Mad Dog's latest blog entry, Sactown Royalty has this to say: Screw Paul Shirley. Mark Madsen is easily the funniest white guy in the league.

Mad Dog goes from this:
So today after we had done all of this intense stuff, it got quiet while we were shooting free throws. Then Kevin looks straight at me and says, "Dog, you on" I paused for a second and didn't say anything while I thought back........I remembered I had just signed up about five days and Kevin both started laughing hard and I said, " seems like whatever I do, you know about it." He laughed and told me that he has a lot of friends who are always telling him what's going on.

To this:
When I read today that lawmakers are going to do something so that illegal immigrants can take one of three paths to become legal here in the US I was very happy. Of course there has to be order to the immigration (which everone agrees on) and there must be excellent border control to reign in terrorists threats and to keep the unsavory out. However, when they were talking about making illegal immigration a felony I was in shock.

He then quotes the poem on the Statue Of Liberty and asks:
In the end aren't we all immigrants?

Mad Dog gets our sincerest gratitude as he's the only one who can make the fans laugh in the wake of a season like this.