Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hawks Trap Wolves

Last night's 101-99 loss to the Hawks made it 13 consecutive road losses for the Wolves, the team's longest streak since 1994.

Childress was wide open, and hit the game-winning layup at the buzzer.
A professional team should never allow a play like that in that situation, and what made it even worse was Minny coach Dwayne Casey admitting afterwards that he didn't know who was supposed to be guarding Childress.

"That's how our season is going," Kevin Garnett said afterward. "That's our year right there."

There were some creative titles for the various game recaps:
T-Wolves Suffer Sorry Loss To Hawks

Late Lollygagging Leads To Another "L"
Timberwolves Find Another Way To Lose

Coach Casey on claims that KG is being "too unselfish":
"I think he's making his best basketball play," Casey said Wednesday before his team faced Atlanta at Philips Arena. "I don't think he's being too unselfish. If somebody has a better shot than you, you've got to make the play."
"If he sees somebody open, he's going to make the pass," Casey said. "He's very unselfish, which is what you want in your superstar."

Casey was also asked about his thoughts on ESPN's coach approval rating poll in which he is currently second to last, just ahead of Larry Brown:
"I don't pay any attention to it," Casey said. "I just do my job.
"Talking to Kevin [McHale, Wolves vice president of basketball operations], everything has been about next year. Nobody's said anything about possibly not being here next year."

Assistant coach Vince Taylor had a collision with Hassell during the pregame warmups that resulted in a broken nose.

McHale and Larry Bird were seen "chatting all night" yesterday at the Portsmouth Invitational pre-draft camp.