Monday, April 10, 2006

KG And Davis Skip Roadtrip

Garnett and Davis stayed in town to get treatment on their respective injuries while the team traveled to Memphis to face the Grizzlies tomorrow night. The Grizzlies and Pacers are especially psyched that the Wolves are going to spend the season remainder developing the younger players.

Fred Hoiberg was in Portsmouth with the Wolves "evaluation staff" helping to scout for the team.
"There is still a small possibility of playing," Hoiberg said. "That's what I'm going to shoot for."
"This is where I want to be, long-term," he said. "If [playing] doesn't work out, hopefully we'll get something worked out on the business side, or in basketball operations."

From The Atlanta Journal Constitution:
I almost forgot to tell you about my new standing on the whole tights ban that the NBA will institute for next season. Mark Madsen ruined any chance of support for the hip-to-toe leggings by donning a pair Sunday at Target Center. I wasn’t the only person in attendance repulsed by the sight of dude looking like a bulldozing ballerina. I was actually willing to put up with this peculiar fashion turn prior to seeing Sir Pasty himself sporting a pair of black tights under his game shorts. But enough is enough. Next thing you know he’ll be wearing corn rows. So Madsen has done something no one else could; he has me siding with the establishment. NO MORE TIGHTS.

On a practice day during the Lakers-Wolves first round series in April 2003, a smiling Bryant stood in the Target Center and freely admitting recruiting Garnett for the Lakers.
“Minnesota people may not like it, but I said it,” Bryant told reporters from the New York Times and the St. Paul Pioneer Press. “He just laughed. You know K.G.”

According to someone familiar with the Timberwolves’ thinking, it would take Garnett going to Taylor and saying, “Get me out of here,” for anything to happen this summer.