Thursday, January 04, 2007

Updates Part II

Coach Casey on Bracey Wright:
"He knows how to play," Casey said. "He knows how to cut without the basketball. He definitely can shoot it. He does everything you need. The problem with Bracey is that he's sort of in between a point guard and a small two (shooting guard) where he's got to guard a guy like (San Antonio's) Brent Barry or Bruce Bowen, bigger twos, or (New Jersey's) Richard Jefferson or Vince Carter. He's undersized. But he brings a lot offensively on the other end of the floor."

Recaps of last night's game from Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press and Stephen Litel/SportsPage Magazine.

Though he believes that "it's difficult to find even one rookie making a major impact on his team," Sam Smith/MSNBC writes that his early pick for rookie of the year is between Brandon Roy and Randy Foye.