Thursday, January 04, 2007

Wolves Updates 1/4

Britt Robson/City Pages on Mark Blount's "quantum leap forward," why he believes Coach Casey's job is safe for the near future, and his thoughts on the following:
The question was asked of coach Dwame Casey after the game: Given the way Foye and Mike James are playing, isn't it time Foye became the starter? Casey replied that he figured that question was coming and pretty said he'd keep things the way they are. This is wise.

In last night's win over the Spurs, Garnett became the 51st player in league history to score 18,000 points.

Tim Duncan on playing against KG:
"It's always a great battle," Duncan said. "He's a hell of a competitor and a hell of a player. It's always a lot of fun."

Bracey Wright on getting some playing time:
"I don't feel that, now that I'm getting a chance, I have to rush to show exactly what I can do," Wright said Wednesday, before the Wolves' game against San Antonio. "That's how young players, when they start getting minutes, get themselves in trouble. One of the things I wanted to do was just relax and play. If I'm open, shoot it. If not, just pass. Play basketball like I know how to do it."

Jaric had a splint fitted for his thumb and used it in shootaround and warmups Wednesday. But the coaches decided to hold him out against the Spurs for healing and fear of reinjury. He might finally have an MRI exam today.

Foye on getting praise from KG:
"When we have days off, I still come in to lift and get an hour workout in," Foye said. "Some days [Garnett will] come in just to lift and he'll see me out there sweating, and ask me, 'What are you doing here?' I just tell him, 'I'm working on my game.' "He always says, 'You're going to be special for doing things like this.' "

John Hollinger/The New York Sun lists Garnett as one of the players most likely to be dealt by the February trading deadline.
...Garnett hasn't publicly demanded a trade, and as long as the Timberwolves stay alive and kicking in the Western Conference playoff race he probably won't. But should this team hit a rough patch, it's hard to envision Garnett deciding to stick around for another lottery run...