Monday, January 01, 2007

Wolves 102, Bobcats 96

From Steve Aschburner/Star Tribune:
Kevin Garnett scored 13 of his season-high 32 points in the fourth quarter as the Wolves (14-15), down by 20 points midway through the second quarter, outscored the Bobcats 34-18 over those final 12 minutes...

"We don't want to start games like that, but it feels good to have one of these, what we call 'bar brawl' type of games," Garnett said. "... The second half, I felt like we were a lot more aggressive defensively. Taking away some of the things they wanted to do early and making them go to their second and third options."

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Garnett, meanwhile, shot 12-for-18, breaking out of a slump.

"Knowing that I do some things well, I don't really work on the stuff as much as I should have. I work on things I'm not good at all the time, and yesterday I worked on some of the things that I do well," Garnett said of the team's practice Sunday. "Just the old-fashioned attitude -- I didn't feel like my last two games up to this one were up to par.

"Hallelujah for the [leather] ball, and we brought in '07 with a win, so it was a pretty decent night."