Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Garnett on Foye and the postseason

Garnett on Randy Foye and his performance in the win over Charlotte:
"When they walked to the store with us, they got to cut the cartwheels in the street," Garnett said. "They got to throw the rocks. They're skipping, we're jumping, we're having fun.

"It's similar to Randy. Case has a tight grip on him. Which you should -- he's a rookie. You have to make sure he understands the foundation and how things work. That's only right. But when he's with us, he knows we let him go. He loves to take his man one-on-one. The kid has so much within him, man, you can't just bottle that up."

On whether the "Wolves have what it takes to reach the postseason":
"Why not? Why not?" he said. "Other teams that you see doing well are teams that have been together for a while. Phoenix has [Steve] Nash and they've had that chemistry, that whole thing jelled quickly. But they didn't start off as fast [this season] as they'd have liked to. Dallas, same story. San Antonio, very similar...

"It's not just going to happen overnight," Garnett said. "We're not going to click our heels, close our eyes and say something three times and it's going to happen. There are going to be some nights when we get our butts kicked. There are going to be some nights when we get beat in the fourth quarter. But the lesson, we have to learn it and apply it and make sure that doesn't happen more than a couple of times."