Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Wolves Updates 1/2

YAYsports! is back and the Cavalier promises to "try and be more irrelevent and irreverent than ever before."

Marko Jaric will "likely" undergo an MRI on his injured right thumb today.

Trent Hassell doesn't care which ball the league uses:
"I play with worse balls in the summertime back home," said the Tennessee native, who returns in the offseason to Clarksville. "We play with balls you buy at Wal-Mart or wherever. Indoor, outdoor. I just adapt."

T-Hud said: "Everybody picked up the leather ball (Sunday) and was like, man, this is great."

The coaching staff's resolution for the new year:
"To get this train going straight," Casey said, as he moved his hand in exaggerated, right-to-left-and-back 'S' curves. "Keep it from going this way, then that way, then this way. Being consistent."

Patrick Reusse/Star Tribune thinks Randy Wittman is one of those "who will have the most impact on whether the state's sports scene will be less dreary in the year ahead than it was in 2006."
Dwane Casey could be gone this week. Wittman will be the replacement. If he can't get this bunch back in the playoffs after a two-season absence, it will be officially time for owner Glen Taylor to blow things up -- firing Kevin McHale, trading Kevin Garnett.

Inside Carolina has a q&a with Rashad McCants, Raymond Felton, and Sean May on having their jerseys honored this weekend.