Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Updates Part II

According to the Pioneer Press, Rashad McCants does not have a time frame for his return:
"I would say things are pretty frustrating at times, pretty gratifying at times," McCants said. "Only time will tell to see if I really come back and am be able to do the things I was used to. Maybe not. Maybe I'll come back and do things better."

Britt Robson/City Pages on Mike James spending 4th quarters on the bench, Bracey Wright's contributions, and KG:
Once again Kevin Garnett demonstrated that if you have two fairly potent scoring options well-spaced in the half-court sets, he is one of the very best players in the game.

From The Star-Ledger:
Former East Side great Randy Foye said the key to adjusting to the pace and rigors of the NBA game has been simply to trust his overall talent but not try to show every facet of his ability each time on the floor. The Minnesota Timberwolves rookie guard has seen his time and scoring increase markedly over the last 10 games. "I was getting about 10 minutes at first and I was trying to show everything I could do in those 10 minutes. You can't do that and expect to be consistent," Foye said Saturday at Essex County College.

KG on the win in Charlotte:
"You just look at it as a win, and how you won was together with endurance and perseverance, and hopefully we can build off that," Garnett said.