Friday, December 08, 2006

Wolves Updates 12/8

Starting in February, Mike James is going to have an advice column in SLAM Magazine.
'People are going to ask me questions,' James said Thursday. 'Advice about anything. It could be kids talking about drugs. People talking about sex, talking about marriage.'

SLAM's managing editor Susan Price on selecting James for the column:
'We had an idea to have an advice column by an NBA player,' Price said. 'Mike was the first player that popped into our heads for a variety of reasons. He's always been really nice to us, and he's a great interview.'

Click here to listen to audio of David Aldridge describing a recent conversation he had with Garnett. Aldridge says that if KG is desperate to leave Minnesota, "he's one talented actor." He talks about how passionate Garnett was about his determination to stick with the Wolves and help turn the team around. Garnett also mentioned that he wants McHale to take more accountability for the team's strugggles. Aldridge asks why KG would recruit Mike James and help out with Foye's development if he really wanted to leave the team.

Mike James says he's just now finding his "niche":
Everybody wanted me to start the season the way I left off last year with Toronto," James said. "I was in a new season, with a new team, new personalities, new environment. I'm just establishing myself, my identity. Even my trust. It's hard to gain. You can't just ask someone to trust you. ... I'm starting to gain the trust of my teammates."

MSNBC profiled 5 players who are on "a road to nowhere," including KG.’s clear the man needs a change of scenery, and the T-Wolves need a change of direction; presently they’re under .500 in the demanding Western Conference and project to finish 10th or 11th and therefore lottery land again.
Marbury is another player on the list. The article states that a "return to Minnesota and a reunion with Garnett might be the ideal answer" for Marbury.

Also on MSNBC, Sam Smith lists the Wolves as one of the teams for whom "a shakeup could be in order."

Via Slam Online, the Houston Chronicle mentions that on the extremely cold night on which the Rockets played, Yao Ming and Vassilis Spanoulis opted to walk to the Target Center from their hotel instead of taking one of "several busses" with the rest of the teammates because they wanted "some air." This would be commendable if the hotel weren't directly across the street from the arena.

A preview of tonight's game against the Utah Jazz.