Thursday, December 07, 2006

"They think I have a cape and I can fly through the air..."

Britt Robson/City Pages recaps last night's game which he describes as the "embodiment of the cliche, 'team win.'" Robson also point out that "the leader of the evening was Garnett, and just because we expect it doesn't mean we shouldn't soak in every moment."

Garnett on the coaching staff's expectations of its star player:
"They think I'm a robot around here," Garnett said of the double duty. "I'm about used to it by now. They think I have a cape and I can fly through the air sometimes."

Mad Dog says his shoulder inury would most likely keep him out for a couple days to a week.

Stephen Litel/SportsPageMagazine also looks at last night's game and says the team "radiated confidence" before the game even started.

KG on Flip Saunders:
"Flip's a great coach," Garnett said Wednesday. "He's not an OK coach. He's a great coach. You put him anywhere, he's going to succeed. Period."