Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Wolves Updates 12/5

Mad Dog talks about conversations on the team bus and about loyalty to those in the "NBA fraternity," even the "well-loved" Mark Cuban.
It's cool to sit there are hear KG talking about what Donald Trump said on TV or what Trenton has learned about the British-Soviet connection in the Spy's death. Of course within the world of the NBA when someone from the outside world goes at one of our own, (We consider Mark Cuban one of our own), we always stick with our guy and even though I love Donald Trump, Mark Cuban is well-loved in the NBA fraternity and he's our guy. Once Trump buys the New York Knicks he'll be on par with Cuban within the circles of NBA players.

Mad Dog, the team's union rep, on the two unfair labor practice charges filed against the league by the NBA Players Association:
"We recognize that [commissioner] David Stern and the NBA have done the best job possible in making this the greatest sports league. Right now, this is just a feedback situation through the proper channels to continue the dialogue."

Craig Smith (#5) and Randy Foye (#10) place on this week's overall rookie rankings at NBA.com.

Craig Smith on making and missing dunks:
"If I get a chance to take your head off," the burly rookie said, "I'm going to try to take your head off."

Garnett comes out on top in USA Today's MVP index rating.

From the Timberwolves site, Mike James on Mark Blount:
“Mark Blount is a standup guy,” said Mike James. “The main thing I can say about Mark is that he's a standup guy. He does everything that is asked of him, is respectful, and is a good person. I love him as a player and also as a person.”

According to Dime Magazine, the announcers at Sunday's game said that Karl Malone holds the record for most points scored against the Wolves with close to 1700 points.