Thursday, December 07, 2006

Wolves Updates 12/7

The Wolves are ranked at #24 in the league in average home attendance this season.

According to the Star Tribune, Trent Hassell has a "small crack near his fingernail" and assistant coach Kalamian wears band-aids on his fingertips. Both attribute those things to the effects of the new ball.
Though Stern says the ball will undergo more testing, Coach Casey said he doubted a change in ball would be made this season.

From via True Hoop:
In the past some veterans got away with palming the ball as well as with changing their pivot foot, which gave them a quick first step. Now they have to adapt because those moves are no longer being overlooked by the officials. Kevin Garnett is one player who's at a disadvantage because of the refs' new vigilance: He used to face up by changing his pivot foot, and he'd back into the post while palming the ball, knowing that the discontinued dribble would keep the defense off-balance. But he can't use those moves anymore.

From C.J./Star Tribune:
Stupid is where "PTI" co-host Tony Kornheiser took it Monday when debating Jaric coming onto the game with the Nuggets last week with his jersey on backward -- last name in front, team name in back.
"Putting on your shirt backwards is a mistake out of stupidity," said T.K.
Mike Wilbon wanted to know "Who didn't notice this in the locker room to tell him? And they had this great [camera] shot, looking down the bench, and the kid from Seton Hall whose name I'm drawing a blank on [Eddie Griffin], looked down his own warm-ups to see if he's got his jersey on backwards. That's humiliating."