Monday, December 04, 2006

Griffin Pleads Guilty To Misdemeanor

From the Star Tribune:
Minnesota Timberwolves player Eddie Griffin pleaded guilty Monday to a petty misdemeanor for careless driving stemming from a crash last March when he drove into a parked vehicle in Minneapolis.

Griffin, 24, also paid a fine and court fees totaling $375, said Mary Heng, an assistant city attorney. She said a misdemeanor charge for not having a driver's license was dropped after Griffin produced a valid Texas license and showed he had auto insurance.

The crash attracted attention because several witness told two officers who arrived that Griffin was acting drunk, but the officers didn't give him an alcohol breath test and drove him home afterwards.

The actions of officers Daniel Anderson and Matthew Lindquist prompted an internal police investigation.

Griffin also faces a civil suit for damages by the parked vehicle owner. That suit, which has been moved to federal court, alleges Griffin was watching pornography and masturbating in his sports utility vehicle when he hit the car.