Friday, December 08, 2006

A Plea From KG And More Iverson To Minnesota Rumors

After tonight's game, Garnett was asked about his thoughts on the possibility of Allen Iverson playing for the Wolves:
"Bring it on, I love 'The Answer,'" Garnett said Friday night. "We welcome A.I. with open arms. Where's Kevin McHale?"

McHale, vice president of basketball operations, would not comment on rumors that Iverson would end up in Minnesota. But his star player went so far as to look into a local television camera and make a plea to Iverson.

"Come on, boy," Garnett said. "I can't think of anyone who wouldn't want to play with him."

The Rocky Mountain News talks to Nuggets coach George Karl who thinks A.I. might end up with the Wolves:
"The rumor is Minnesota pretty strong,’’ Karl said. "I think Minnesota is going to try and do it ... That’s what I would think.’’

During a pregame interview, Coach Casey responded that he had "no clue" on where Iverson would end up.

Yahoo Sports has an article saying that while the Mavs and Celtics "have emerged as the leaders" in the A.I. trade, the Wolves are also believed "to be a factor."

Mike Kahn/Fox Sports also speculates that the Wolves are an option.

Though he knows it would "put a serious dent" in any plans of KG coming to Chicago, Sam Smith says that the Wolves acquiring Iverson would be a "playoff move."

Marc Stein/ESPN says that he's "praying for Minnesota" as the team with whom Iverson lands.
If the Wolves are set on keeping KG under any circumstances and KG is determined to finish his career in 'Sota, as both parties have long maintained, it makes too much sense. Garnett and Iverson need each other.