Friday, December 08, 2006

Jim Gray Punks Minnesota, Gets Punk'd By "Imposter" Iverson?

During the early part of the third quarter of tonight's game, I started receiving multiple phone calls informing me that, based on reports from ESPN, the Wolves had landed Allen Iverson. Considering McHale was at tonight's game and not on the phone wheeling and dealing, I should have known better.

Though I didn't hear this myself, this is what I was able to find out from various friends who had heard what went down:

During the Sixers/Wizards game, apparently Jim Gray reported that he'd talked to Allen Iverson (who was not at the game) and/or his rep who said that a trade was in the works and that he hoped to join his new teammates in Minnesota.

Given that A.I. said, "As hard as it is to admit, a change may be the best thing for everyone" regarding his status with the Sixers, the report was easy to believe.

According to a poster on the ESPN message board (and validated by friends who saw the followup), this is what happened next:
Jim Gray comes on the screen like he is getting ready to report some "big news" in the AI trade circus. But instead he look straight into the camera and says he's sorry to inform us that he thought he was talking to AI when he gave the earlier report. However AI called and said he neva spoke to Jim. So Jim says he had the number for years and called the same number he had always called and found out it was an imposter.

Jim Gray has talked to AI before- how could he not know he was talking to an "impostor" until being informed of it?

From Sam Smith:
ESPN later quoted Iverson as saying he hopes a trade is in the works to the Timberwolves but then denied Iverson made that statement. Reporter Jim Gray said an imposter posing as Iverson duped him.